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The young male Barn Owl or Ghost Owl above was photographed in July in North Devon and is a truly beautiful creature who has adopted a family on a North Devon Farm.
Barn Owls take any small rodent such as mice, shrews and voles regularly for food and inhabit all parts of rural England. It's believed that there are now nearly 225 thousand breeding pairs of Barn Owls in Europe alone.
Unauthorized use of the images illustrated is prohibited and protected under international laws of copyright. Owl, barn owl, photograph, photo, image, A barnowl, male barn owl, young owl, young barn owl, Barnyard Owl, Cave Owl, Church Owl, Death Owl, Delicate Owl, Demon Owl, , Dobby Owl, A Ghost Owl, A Golden Owl, Golden Masked Owl , Hissing Owl, Hobby Owl, Hobgoblin Owl, Monkey-faced Owl, Night Owl, Rat Owl, Scritch Owl, Screech Owl, Silver Owl, Stone Owl, Straw Owl, White Owl.
I wonder what each of these people was thinking and feeling as these portraits were snapped.
This may be the Barn Owl's flight characteristics or the sound the Barn owl uses to communicate in the wild.
Perhaps because of their fluffy soft appearance, perhaps because of their unique flight patterns whilst hunting and a bird that can be seen all over the British Isles.
They particularly like feeding along the rough uncut edges of fields and farmers are encouraged to leave set aside areas to grow wild in order to to encourage the prey that Barn Owls feed on. Cornwall, west country, England, Devon, country, field, hedgerow, vole, mice, shrew, photographer, photography, Jackie Freeman, St Breward, image, images, habitat, Tyto alba, Eastern Barn-owl, Australian Barn-owl, A Delicate Barn-owl.

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