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This small patch of woodland floor has leaves from maple, service, oak, birch, spanish chestnut and aspen trees. Ast Wood contains a wide variety of native trees , including small leaved lime, aspen, cherry, yew, holly and elm, and a lot of wild service trees. The Malvern Hills and southeast Herefordshire are one of its British strongholds, and it reaches some of its highest densities in woods on the Woolhope Dome.
It has attractive flowers in spring (but they smell rather horrid), berries, or 'chequers' which are sweet when they have matured (gone brown and a bit squishy) and can be eaten, and leaves which turn striking colours of gold and pink and red in autumn.
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Science education researchers have been documenting students’ troubles with trees for many years.
The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) recently held a meeting to address some of the challenges in evolution communication. Represent and explain phenomena with multiple types of models—for example, represent molecules with 3-D models or with bond diagrams—and move flexibly between model types when different ones are most useful for different purposes.
Perhaps if students were given a totally different kind of visual model for common ancestry to use alongside the traditional tree metaphor, they could overcome some of the difficulties and learn something about the nature of scientific modeling in the process.
I met Sonia Stephens a little over a year ago at the NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching) annual meeting and was immediately excited by her work.

I assumed a basic knowledge of biology, having seen (though not necessarily knowing all the nuances of) phylogenetic trees, and familiarity with at least some terminology, e.g.
The DEM is free to use (under creative commons license CC-BY-NC-SA) and Sonia is always interested to hear from possible collaborators.
Another digital innovation on evolutionary tree diagrams, the amazing OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer, will be visualizing the Open Tree of Life. This website page was very helpful and gave me new insight on usage of certain diagrams in science.
Another patch might include ones from alder, elm, small leaved lime, hazel; or holly, yew and hawthorn. Textbooks, museum exhibits, and other learning resources are filled with a variety of tree-inspired diagrams that often represent different types of information from each other. Similarly, instead of following the nodes back to a most recent common ancestor, many students focus on the tips (the parts marked with taxa names) and infer that spatial closeness implies a closer evolutionary relationship.
For the most part, the more recently two taxa shared a common ancestor, the more similarities they will have.
As part of her dissertation in science communication, she had responded to all the conceptual difficulties that trees seem to cause by creating a digital dynamic evolutionary map (DEM). Different diagrams may show different levels of taxa (for example, species, genera, or orders).

But because of confounding factors like convergent evolution (when distantly related taxa evolve similar traits in response to similar environmental pressures) perceived similarity can be highly inaccurate, and is not what is represented in a cladogram. Taxa appear as dots whose relative spatial distances are determined by phylogenetic relatedness. In order to integrate the DEM into a classroom setting, you’d want to provide more context for these concepts. From Tree to Map: Using Cognitive Learning Theory to Suggest Alternative Ways to Visualize Macroevolution. For a full summary of the pitfalls with an abundance of clarifying diagram examples, see evolutionary biologist T. When reading a cladogram, the intuitive impulse to infer relatedness from spatial distance between branch tips inevitably leads to error.

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