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In order to properly choose the best online cloud storage, you have to know what each provider offers their members. With all of these advantages, it is hard not to decide to start using one of the better online cloud storage providers. Unless you are an expert in cloud storage, you will need help choosing the best online provider. Google Drive hopes to rise to the top in the competitive market of online file sharing sites with its extensive features and innovative technology. Google’s much-anticipated concept for cloud file storage, Google Drive, has recently launched and become available for everyone. There has been some concern that the transition from Docs to Drive would have Google account holders ponying up some cash to access the service’s upgraded features, but that’s not been the case. If you need some serious space for your enormous collection of files, Google has a plan for that, too. Drive can interpret more than 30 different file formats, including media from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other complex programs. The major concern from most potential users has nothing to do with the service or features, but with some legal fine print that all Google account holders agree to when they sign up.
There in the same paragraph, though, the company clarifies that you will retain intellectual property rights over your content and that the TOS are only to enable Google to provide certain functionality (like being able to reproduce your files for you multiple times and from multiple devices). Another possible issue for some users is that Drive offers no option for password protecting individual files.
Faster Internet connections and more widespread Internet access has made it possible for us to store our files in virtual hard drives for safe-keeping and easy access. Google Docs allows you to upload 1 GB of various different files and store them, however, if you convert these files to the site’s own format (which offers its own equivalents of spreadsheet, document and presentation files) you will be able to save, store and share even more information. You get 1 GB of free space with this one, and you can store your files and access them from any computer and from most mobile phones as well. This service offers 5 GB of free space and one of its best features is that it is easily compatible with PCs, Macs and almost every possible smart phone. This service is free when you sign up for a Hotmail or Windows Live account and it gives you a generous 25GB, though the upload process is a little slow and tiring. You get 1 GB for free here, and the site is oriented toward documents, but you can easily use it for storing any other file types.
This service offers 5 GB of free storage space, and is great for sharing with coworkers and collaborating on projects online. This site aims at making it easy to store files, especially photos, easily and share them with friends and family. Spider Oak looks to be an all-in-one service that is very well-rounded, offering free online backup, synchronization, sharing, remote access, and storage. This site allows you to backup files and sync them from any computer, but also, you can save and store contacts, as well as bookmarks. Nothing really stands out about this service, other than the fact that it offers more free storage space than most – 5 GB. You get 5 free GB of storage space at DivShare, and you can really store anything, but it’s best for music and video, because it allows you to upload songs that are instantly stream-able and do not have to be downloaded to be played.
You get 10 GB of free storage, but it’s best for sharing files quickly, because it gives you a url right away at which you and anyone else you give it to can instantly access the file.

MediaFire is great because you have unlimited storage space for free if you open up an account. The premier site for storing and sharing photographs on the Internet, you are able to upload 300 MB of images each month. Cost Effective Scalable Solution: Tape drives, tapes, software, installation - it all costs money. Enterprise Level Support: Secure Backups supports the backup of all files including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and MySQL Databases. Cloud Storage offers remote storing capacity that you can upload data and access from everywhere and anytime. Cloud storage is a resource that does not require you to know the infrastructure location, because everything is done online.
But if someone is looking for cloud storage along-with web apps for document management, I would recommend GroupDocs. Google Drive takes over where Google Docs left off, providing all the same services for free as Docs did – such as file storage, sharing, and collaborative functions like comment boxes and multiple author options. Google Drive offers 5GB of space for free, and you can use all of the features available to paid members. You can open these files right in your browser even if you don’t have the corresponding software on your computer.
Google has been using what it calls Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Google Docs for awhile now, allowing image files of all formats to be read and converted into a Docs file.
Any picture you upload can be searched out later using keywords – and not keywords you set, or keywords based on metadata already embedded into the images. Since you can set specific permissions on each file, choosing who to share them with (or not), this isn’t a big problem for many. Thanks to the many online storage sites that exist, you can always have your files at your fingertips, even when you are thousands of miles away from your home computer. The only shortcoming is that it will not backup your files automatically, though this is not a problem for many who take care of their files diligently. It is also excellent for sharing files with friends and family because it’s easy to use. You get 1 GB with the free package and it allows you to share large files at once, such as whole folders full of pictures.
It is another good site for people who want to stream audio and video files or make slideshows of your favorite photos and share them. If the user has more than 200 pictures on the site, they will only be able to see the most recent 200 in their photostreams, but all the other images will remain stored and all links to these images that were posted anywhere on the Web will remain active. That right, it’s that simply, once scheduled Secure Backups run automatically every night followed up by a comprehensive email verification of its success. Secure Backups online system delivers a detailed electronic audit trail automatically emailed direct to you after every job. Our multi server OS platform compatibly makes Secure Backups the premier online backup solution. There are good ones and bad ones, but you have to filter out the bad ones to find the one that works best for your requirements.
Its has several network devices that you can use to upload any files, including videos, photographs, charts, documents and other data, which saves space on your hard drive.

Our cloud experts from everywhere on the globe have decided to review each cloud storage provider and choose the top 10.
It consists of really cool apps and also integrates with Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Windows Azure for the ease of its users. Once you’re ready to go beyond those 5GB, you’ll pay in increments based on your space usage. Google is currently implementing changes so that you’ll be able to do something similar with your Gmail account; pretty much everyone likes the idea of being able to share files via email without uploading and downloading bulky attachments. Drive includes this feature, of course, but ramps up the coolness factor a few notches by adding some image recognition capabilities.
Google will actually “look” at your picture and run it against all of the information it has in its vast pool of databases.
However, if maximum security is important to you, the peace of mind provided by a password protection feature might be worth finding another online storage space provider. However, if the idea of your data being mined for targeted ad placement during your searches unnerves you, then a cloud storage site run by a company that makes its money primarily from ad revenue might not be the best idea for you.
Let’s take a look at some of the best free online storage sites you have to choose from if you are interested in such a service.
You are also given a public folder that creates a link directly to your files and folders so you can share them. It is perfect for storing and sharing things like images and music, and sharing is made easy with direct links given for each of your uploads. All the data uploaded to a cloud storage account can be accessed remotely and shared with anyone you choose to share a file with. After several months of research, we have combines a quality grading check and research other reviews, as well as used the cloud storage services available to come up with our top 10 providers. It’s certainly convenient to log right in with a password you already have and get started using your free 5GB right off the bat.
For instance, if you add a snapshot of the New York skyline to Drive, Google will use its collection of images and associated data to categorize and cross-reference the file. It is also easy to share folders with other friends or coworkers who have their own Dropbox accounts as well.
You can use the selection tool narrow the list down to which ones has what you want or even compare these cloud storage service beside each other through our comparison tool.
You don’t need to download any software in order to work offline; you’ll just have to enable offline documents when you’re logged into Google Drive. You’ll then be able to pull it into any document you’re working on by simply typing “New York” or even the name of one of the landmarks pictured in the photo (presuming Google’s software was able to correctly identify the feature against its known information). Then, all you have to do is click the Drive icon in a Chrome browser window to access and edit your documents offline.

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