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An adult wild pacific white sided dolphin is jumping high into the air, showing its playful behavior off the coast of Vancouver Island North in British Columbia, Canada.
Photo of a jumping pacific white sided dolphin off Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This fully grown adult dolphin shows its playful behavior right after a big feeding session in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island. This picture is part of the photo album "Dolphin Pictures" - there are more beautiful images waiting for you. Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws.

By joining a scheme to adopt a dolphin, you can help research organizations to better study these stunning and playful sea creatures. These sea wonders are much liked by humans of all ages due to their intelligence and socially gregarious nature.
You can sign up to adopt a dolphin at almost any environmental or research organization.The coast off northern Vancouver Island is a great place to watch pacific white sided dolphins, they are normally seen more often in fall but they visit the area in general over all seasons. Hence it is quite obvious that kids all over the world love to draw and paint them for hours. Pacific White Sided Dolphin jumping high in the air, displaying its playful behavior of the British Columbia coast.

The dolphin coloring pages are thus immensely popular among young kids who count them among the favorite indulgences. In this website, you can find numerous printable dolphin coloring pages that depict these creatures in both realistic and cartoonish appearances.

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