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These tattoo design gain their popularity and even today, these tattoos are mostly made by armed forces people around the world. Out of various tattoo designs that men love to have on their body, one of the most popular is the Army Tattoo Designs for Men. However, the coloured tattoo appeals more engaging and amazing than the mono colour tattoo.
Voor het opbrengen van de plaktattoo heb je een natte doek nodig en de uitgeknipte tattoo (instructies).Het spiegelen van de tattoos doen wij.
After the first world war, it was believed that US soldiers who served their country in the first world war had these designs on their bodies as the memory of war.

Traditionally people used to had tattoo to display their tribe and community while nowadays, the tattoo is being treated as a Self expression and fashion quotient.  Your body tattoo speaks out about you personality. Study and poll proved that Army tattoo design is greatest among the Navy people followed by the Army and then in the Airforce. However, in concise when we talk about the meaning, all of these tattoo represents the similar significance and that is: patriotism.
They allow tattoo on on certain parts of their body like at the back of their neck or hand while other  countries are very strict regarding the tattoo.
Hence, it is recommended that before selecting the ink colour for your skin, consult it MSDS (Material safety Data Sheet).

MSDS do not tell you about the chemical composition and behind the scenes story, but it will give you some idea regarding each element in the ink.  Select the colour what  looks bright and highlighted on your skin.

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