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This exotic flower tattoo design is a great example of the custom tattoo designs we create. All of our custom tattoo designs are created from scratch and we’re ready to design your next flower tattoo. When you order from us, you tell us everything you want us to do for your design and we’ll take care of it to make it unique and attractive. Think flower tattoos are just limited to read roses with banners that say “Mom” underneath? If you decide to get a flower tattoo, you’re probably going to want to take pictures to email to your friends.

The lotus flower tattoo is a favorite for both guys and gals – it has Eastern spiritual connotations, and makes for a colorful, beautiful work of body art. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Think again – flowers can be used in all kinds of ways to create tattoo designs that are interesting and visually appealing. Whether you want a small ankle tattoo or a full back piece, your tattoo artist can help you choose a design that is right for you! It can also easy be integrated into other designs – if you want to blend flowers with a Buddhist or Asian design, the lotus flower is a great way to go!

And since they’re often quite colorful, flower tattoos are also a great way to stand out in a crowd! Also, go outside if possible – natural lighting will help make the colors of your tattoo pop!

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