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Sparrow tattoos are very popular these days; probably for some of the reasons that you will read below. Jack Sparrow Tattoos – Jack Sparrow tattoos are very popular these days and can represent the good hearted rebellious side of your personality.   Captain Jack Sparrow is known to most of you as the charismatic captain of the Black Pearl pirate ship. Tribal Sparrow Tattoos – Tribal sparrow tattoos are popular deigns to illustrate the love and loyalty that two people share. Black Sparrow Tattoos – Black sparrow tattoos are usually inked for a different symbolic meaning rather than for a message of love or that fun loving personality. Choose from among the gorgeous sparrow tattoo designs depicted above to blend with your personality as they are a great way to enhance your looks a notch higher. Apart from the sailors, the sparrow tattoo is also worn by the people for aesthetic and other reasons. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Butterfly Tattoos, Swallow Tattoos, Scorpion Tattoos and Coy Fish Tattoos. Simply amazing, this tattoo can make anyone think that a real sparrow is sitting on the foot of the wearer.
Small and cute sparrow with colorful flowers flying on the rib symbolizes freedom and happiness.
This black and grey sparrow has been carved in the loving memory of a dear one who has taken a flight never to return back. A sweet and colorful sparrow, with a ribbon bearing a Roman number around its body looks very pretty.
This sparrow, flying on the forearm, is in a hurry to reach her nest as her children are waiting for her. Pretty, flying sparrow tattoo that says that strength lies in freedom and living life in the present. This conventional style sparrow has got a pretty and innocent touch that represents happiness.
Green and red sparrow flying from a floral branch symbolizes the joy of living in nature’s lap. A robust and angry-looking sparrow sitting on the forearm symbolizes her anguish at being hunted.
Carved on the chest, this black sparrow is a symbol of mourning, carved in the memory of a person who is no more.

A different style sparrow with the head of a woman, carved on the chest, symbolizes delicate feminine beauty. This sparrow created on the chest along with a banner bearing a name and date stands for departed soul.
The sparrow tattoo is associated with the sailors and stands for their prowess in navigating the deep and dangerous seas. Representing undying love and commitment, these identical tattoos on forearm look very adorable. Simple, dark sparrow done on the wrist symbolizes independence and the will to live like a free bird. Twin sparrows along with a Spanish tongue twister and a mystic symbol stand for the belief that sparrows catch the souls of those who die. The twin sparrows carved on the back of the neck symbolize soul mates who live and die for each other. A fantastic sparrow tattoo with neat detail and cool dot work that please the eyes with its artful display.
Every step that you take must be oriented towards freedom and happiness, this is what the sparrow tattoo says.
Created on the upper back, this green color sparrow is an embodiment of life and love; the evergreen truth.
This yellow baby sparrow has just developed the guts to fly and has set her wings towards the sky.
A graceful sparrow in flying motion with a Spanish liner that says I want to be free sends out the message of liberty. Sparrow tattoo with a let it be liner done with the intention of letting the souls of the dear dead ones free. Two cute, identical sparrows facing each other and carved on the back of the legs make for a sweet tattoo piece. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Some may find wearing traditional sparrow tattoos reflect their fun loving and full of life nature.
King’s work, wherein he described the flying sparrows as carrying humans from the land of the living to the land of the dead.

You could each choose your own design or match them up.  These birds are small enough to go behind the ear, wear on an ankle, wrist, foot, inner arm, lower calf, abdomen or flying across your lower back. Sparrow tattoos have long been sported by sailors who used to get one on the right chest after covering a certain distance and then again another on the left chest after returning home safely.
This is a great tattoo to wear if you’re the type of person with a funny dark side.  Jack Sparrow would prefer to flee from danger, rather than fight. The black sparrow with all their secrets, mystery and high intelligence usually can’t be seen by the mere simple minded.
They used to believe that these birds stood for protection and good luck that safeguarded them from perils of a sea voyage. The small bird carved as a tattoo on the body part of a sailor symbolized that he had covered a long distance on the sea, more than 5000 miles.
Depending on their species, they either travel in very large flocks of intermingled families, or one large flock of a single family.  The Grand Sparrows mate for life and is one of the species that creates the large single family flock. Sailors would wear this tattoo design to honor this good natured little bird as it often would visit them and their ship, well before the sailors could see land. These sparrow tattoos illustrated as a close up on the head and chest of the bird and calling special attention to the detail of the eyes of the sparrow (the all Seeing Eye) would be pretty darn cool. Apart from sailors, sparrow tattoos were also popular among prisoners who used to get them after being released from prison. According to another accounts, the sailors wore sparrow tattoos in the belief that the bird would act as a lucky talisman and bring them back safely to their homes or if they died on the voyage, their spirit would be carried to heaven by the cute avian.
A sparrow tattoo symbolizes freedom, as well as the undying love one can feel for another person. Worn by both men and women, sparrow tattoos come in different styles, sizes and color patterns that evoke diverse emotional responses on an observer.

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