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Butterflies QuotesI hope you find great value in these Quotes about Butterflies from my large collection of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings. Flying formation in a WWII vintage aircraft was one of the highlights of my flying experiences.  It had taken years of education and practice to sit confidently in the ‘driver’s seat ‘ behind the 550 hp engine and to gain admission into the ‘elite’ group of warbird pilots. During my training, one of the most vital bits of technical knowledge I learned was a critical engine handling technique that was more like a sacred commandment than a rule. Flying and learning to fly had its moments and just like the process I used to keep the engine properly handled and in good operating condition, I had to learn healthy ways to dissipate my own build up of internal energy (better known as anxiety) ! Anxiety or stress is often maligned as a destructive force that needs to be eliminated from your life if you are to achieve any semblance of peace. What stress creating life event might you be immersed in right now?  Maybe it is an upcoming interview for a job you really want or you are anticipating stepping onstage to deliver an important speech.  Perhaps you are writing your first article for a magazine or maybe you are taking final exams toward your degree.
Take a moment to consider and bring awareness to the anxiety in your life and think about how its presence helps or hinders your forward motion and your inner health and happiness. You can choose just the right amount of energy you need to fuel your performance while dumping what will send you over the top and do damage. Focus on the area you just identified – take a few slow, deep breaths to help you relax.  The breath is the calming elixir that is easy to use anywhere, anytime.
When anxiety show up it is usually caused by a worried, frightened aspect of us whose sense of safety and comfort has been upset by something we are about to do.
Take a few quiet moments to imagine yourself having a loving conversation with that part of you as if you were talking to a friend or child who is kicking up a fear storm. Just as the propeller setting in the opening story is the way that engine energy is put to work, this step takes your anxiety and directs it into forward motion too. Using the fingertips of one hand, gently tap on the anxiety-holding areas of your body that you identified in the first step. As soon as you notice the level of stress diminish below what you measured in step one, it is time to redirect the remaining anxiety toward forward momentum. Now reassess your level of anxiety and notice what has changed in your body as well as your desire to proceed beyond that anxiety that previously held you back. Armed with these easy steps, the quiet authority of your finely tuned anxiety will keep you connected to your life, feeling more alive and confident to choose the next progressive step forward in your life.  When you develop the capability to lead the formation flight of your butterflies, you translate your anxiety into enthusiasm and rather than be damaged by the scattered power within you, you move with ease and purpose toward change and transformation in your life. Quick link: Download your free Happy Guide to Life — 10 Simple Ways to Happiness that should be mentioned on Oprah … and MUCH more!

Sometimes I personally get a burst of anxiety which could lead to panic when I’m driving at night, especially on the high-way.
Hi, I'm the infopreneur behind this site and creator of several training programs, among others Info Product Masterclass and Personal Breakthrough Academy. Make your own butterfly food by mixing a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part granulated sugar, boiling the mixture until the sugar is dissolved, then letting it cool.
These days it is easier and cheaper to buy unhealthy junk food than it is to find and buy healthy, nourishing foods our bodies need and crave.
Notice: Unless stated otherwise, the graphical resources uploaded to this site are NOT for commercial use. You may read about our disclaimer, our privacy policy, our copyright policy, terms of use, participation in affiliate programs, and the list of all our websites. I discovered early in the game that if I didn’t deal with the butterflies of anticipation and nervousness that often preceded a big flying event, not only was I defocused and jittery but I also could not enjoy the exquisite experience in which I was participating. But, in measured amounts, it was the very energy that got me to sit up, pay attention and stay alert in my flying experiences. I discovered that the trick is to balance between the two and lean a little more into the excitement!
Is it stopping your growth…or obscuring the positivity and fun of the in the next steps of your development?
These three steps will show you how to redirect anxiety into forward momentum in your life. The idea behind the popular book, is to help inspire people to believe that they can be happy no matter what circumstances they face.
Butterflies like a variety of food sources, especially over-ripe fruit and rotting vegetation. Decorate around the twine with the stems of silk or plastic flowers to make it visually appealing to butterflies, and hang the feeder from the bough of a shady tree, before adding butterfly food. With Grow REAL Food we're on a mission to find and share easy and inexpensive ways to grow healthy, organic, non-GMO REAL FOOD at home!
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One always took care to make sure the prop rpm’s accommodated the engine’s power settings for the ultimate peace, performance and longevity of the aircraft’s power source.
It was my controlled anxiety that pumped just the right amount of cortisol into my system to keep me ‘edged up’.  When I was able to find ways to calm my own inner butterflies and get them flying in formation within me, I was then able to use their forward propulsion in much the same way that the engine’s power and propeller drove the aircraft forward in perfect harmony.
It is where you find the ‘sweet spot’ that provides both peak performance and unbridled satisfaction and joy.
How much more elegant could the experiences of your life be if you could manage your anxiety not through getting rid of all of it but by channeling it for optimum personal energy? Not only are these insects beautiful, they’re important pollinators and vital to the health of their natural habitats.
If you own an apple, plum, cherry or pear tree, allow fallen fruit to ferment on the ground to create a favorite feeding spot. An alternative recipe is to cut up a dozen over-ripe bananas into chunks, add two cans of cheap beer, one or two bottles of molasses, and a pound of brown sugar and let it ferment for about a week.
Punch a small hole in the lid of the jar using a small nail and a hammer, then cut a portion of a sponge and pull it through the small hole, making sure it fits tightly. It is too scary’, you might now want to say something like ‘ This is more than possible’ ‘I am bigger than this issue and it no longer scares me’ ‘ This anxiety is my fuel and I choose to use it to succeed with ease and grace’.  Tap and talk using whatever positive statement comes to mind (this is an organic process so let your intuition lead the way here) until you notice a feeling of energized relaxation … take a deep breath in and slowly exhale.
You can encourage these gentle creatures to visit your yard by using easy-to-make butterfly food and feeders. Look in the quick-sale area of your grocer’s produce section, and you might even get the produce manager to donate one or two unsaleable pieces of fruit. The easiest recipe of all is to save any overripe fruit, add a squirt of honey, blend it coarsely in a blender, then divide the mixture into freezer containers. Place brightly colored yellow and orange kitchen scouring pads in the dish with the liquid butterfly food solution. Consider saving extra bananas in the freezer, which you can defrost and place in a feeder at any time.
Use string to tie around the jar to make a hanger, then hang the jar with the sugar water upside-down so that the butterflies can feed on the juice from the sponge.

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