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Darryl Kevin Richardson II aka hip hop artist Lil Scrappy seems to have his political affiliation.
We have created a site for people to not only tell their stories, but get their fame and showcase some really good meaningful ink.
Recovery tattoos are ink art pieces put on one’s body to symbolize their mental health recovery, quest for sobriety, or hope for a better future after a traumatic event. It seems to have originated in sobriety recovery, but this type of tattoo is becoming more popular among those with eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and those that engage in self-harm, et cetera. This was my third tattoo, and I got it because a)I wanted an arm tattoo and b)I wanted to symbolize what I had gone through since the age of 12 and what I hoped for the future. But seriously–I wrote this article because I have seen people talk about their recovery tattoos on Twitter.

But above all, the recovery tattoo is a gift to ourselves, showing us that we are worth it.
Some websites, like HubPages’ Because I Live , feature quotes that one may use for their recovery tattoo. Last updated: 26 Mar 2013Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. We feature different artists from around the world, as well as regular people from all around the globe. We feel that every tattoo has a story and we are the perfect platform in which everyone from the artists, celebrities, models, and people can interact by telling the story behind their art! We deserve a life of happiness and minimal suffering and sometimes we need that reminder more than other people.

If you type in “recovery tattoo designs” on your search engine, it will give you numerous images of people’s ideas of recovery. We give you the latest in celebrity tattoo news as well as get to know the artists better by having them submit their bio's and artwork!

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