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When we were getting ready to graduate, my roommate presented me with a present – a book. Phyllis Curott “Most people know intuitively that when you fall in love, the world is full of magic.
The Day After Mother’s Day: The Debate Over Who Works Harder—Stay-at-Home Moms, Working Moms, or Part-Time Moms? During that incredibly complex production, in the presence of many of the world's finest DPs, Steve Weiss shot a supplemental documentary called "Light & Shadow" that is perhaps one of the finest pieces ever created about the intangibles of cinematography. If there's anything to be taken from this piece, it's something that most of us already know: fancy gear does not inherently result in the creation of memorable visual art. Because film is an amalgamation of artistic mediums -- it's a one of a kind combination of photography, music, painting, theater, literature, and numerous other forms -- it stands to reason that well-rounded filmmakers should be versed in these mediums. I would consider all of these endeavors to be important facets of becoming a stronger cinematographer, but there are more theories than can be counted regarding how to develop true filmmaking prowess. As a rising cinematographer, I feel that pressure on a near daily basis, but I too have always felt some reluctance towards the adage of "always be shooting". I never quite understood how over-working yourself to exhaustion on a bunch of small projects that are getting you nowhere will make you a better cinematographer.
It seems to me that in order to stand out from the crowd, one has to actively seek opportunities and endeavors that will challenge them and offer chances to really hone the craft and learn new things - even if that means turning down work once in a while. I also couldn't agree more with the various pundits in the video when they say that the obsession with technology and gear has gotten way out of hand and that true artistry and skill is developed by honing talent and experience, not by obsessing over which camera has more dynamic range or better low-light capabilities.
Speaking from a tech stand point I have seen well done 1080p footage from a DSLR outclass average work on a Red Epic. FWIW, I just found an interview given by the Jean Jacques Buyon (not sure about the last name spelling), the president of the French Cinematographer Association, that was given in Sankt Petersburg, Russia a couple of weeks ago during an international cinema professional gathering. And the photo of Godard in a wheel chair directing Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg is "Breathless" is worth the click all by itself.
Honestly every cinematographer I've talked to has said, do no try and imitate someone else's style, it just gets lost in the void and its so true, you have to go with your gut, do things that feel right to you. It's true technology is evolving all the time and I'll be damned when my camera becomes obsolete (about 2 months from now) but I think you gotta stay ahead of the game by changing it.

I remember sending Haskell Wexler some of my work and asking him if we can interview him and he said "sure-OK".
The one who had the hardest job was Jens Bogehegn my partner in Zacuto and my cinematographer since 1985.
Great post, except that, in this part of the world where I am at the moment, it is not possible to watch it due to the lack of fast Internet connectivity.
Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine! It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR.
Hanging out on campus with your friends, gathering together for a basketball or baseball game, or taking in a movie marathon night with the girls. I got into things that I shouldn’t and got involved with people it would have been better to have left alone. I would often times try to pull out a word of wisdom that people from home would use with me, but because I couldn’t quite remember the sayings, I would eventually make up my own words of wisdom that would say the same thing with an obvious personal flair. This wasn’t just any book, it was a compilation of wisdom sayings that I had spoken over the years.
She even categorized the sayings and color-coded each category so that quotes related to relationships are in blue magic marker and life lessons are in orange magic marker. Outdated though the results of that shootout may seem two and a half years later, one well-crafted remnant remains more relevant and inspirational than ever. We all know that the technical side of filmmaking can be learned by anyone, but the artistic choices made by history's most storied DPs reveal that there is far more to the craft than simply placing lights and cameras.
There's no debate that cinematography is a highly technical endeavor, and increasingly so as digital technology marches onward.
Because psychology plays a unique role in how humans perceive and interpret imagery, cinematographers should have a grasp on the basics of psychology.
What would you recommend to young cinematographers looking to distinguish themselves from the pack? So for me a better color space, bit rate, and bit depth are more prized than the race for resolution.

If you are the Director of photography, embrace it, make it yours, make it something you are proud of every shot. But through it all, my on-campus apartment and the ladies that lived within were a safe haven that I could go and get away. While some were unique to us, making fun of our morning rituals or habits, others still ring with a bit of profound truth.
Also, I was between paychecks and needed to stop in to work and pick up my next paycheck a little early. There's an indescribable human element that informs each artistic choice we make, and being able to tap into that element for the purpose of visual storytelling (in the form of cinematography) is the most powerful tool at any DP's disposal.
However, as gear gets more advanced and more affordable, and as information about how to create technically competent imagery becomes widespread, it's becoming harder and harder for newcomers to distinguish themselves and their work from the massive catalogue of amateur visual content now freely available on every corner of the internet. However, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that personal and artistic growth are more important factors when it comes to developing a distinct and individual cinematographic voice.
And of course, since film history is replete with beautiful, well-constructed films that evoke every emotion imaginable, up and coming filmmakers should be aware of the cinematic ground that has been successfully treaded by their predecessors. You have a real knack for colorful, expressionistic lighting and a solid eye for composition. When we were together, goofiness was king and the only rules we had were to have fun and let loose.
It’s a scrapbook of 4 years together with the women in my apartment and each quote brings back the memories of a silly moment or triumphant victory.
Anyhow, Light & Shadow has definitely become a regular watch for me, especially when I'm in need of inspiration, so thanks again for taking the time to bring all of these one-of-a-kind voices together!
Almost every cinematographer walked onto the set and said, "single light source", excellent.

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