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I've been a long time fan of Italian tattoo artist Alex de Pase and his realism and surreal tattoos. Eventually, Alex learned to work a tattoo machine, and studied everything he could get his hands on. Check his site to view more more work as well as his Facebook page for updates on his convention and guest spot schedule.
Don’t you hate it when someone is not only lucky to have one talent but these lucky ones have 2 or more talents that the rest of us regular folk drool and envy over.
When considering a tattoo, it is important to do some research on the tattoo parlor before deciding to hire them.
Chris Garcia is not only a talented young tattoo artist, he also has a past working at NASA on a chemical composition sensor instrument. A tattoo is a serious commitment; a tattoo is for life so it has to be the right design for you.

After some years of doing every type of tattoo, he started focusing on realism and portraits.This kind of style has the artistic expression that I prefer.
All Artists are trained in Cross Contamination, Universal Precautions, Sterilization Techniques, and Blood borne Pathogens. Today, he has his own studio in Grado, a small island in northeast Italy, not far from Venice. It has no limits on technical improvement, although one of the most fascinating aspects of realism is not technique. Not only has the man proven himself as a talented tattoo artist, his original career was spent working on the space program for NASA.
If you want something completely never seen before, our Artists will create it for you in ANY style including Realism, Japanese, Black and Grey, New School, Anime, or Classic Old School. That’s why we take the time to discuss, create, and show you exactly what your tattoo will look like before you get it. When you come to Sparrow Tattoo, you will know you’re in knowledgeable, professional hands.

His life began in the Philippines were his pursuit of an apprenticeship ended in failure – but as fate would have it – his family eventually landed in Virginia. In fact, this fellow learned how to tattoo in jail, and when he told me that he knew how to do them, I begged him to teach me everything he knew. It also encompasses the artist's sensibility, personal interpretation, perception of colors, and so on.
Each artist brings to the tattoo their own experience, imprinting a bit of themselves in the work. You can see from these two examples of his work, that Chris has a knack for realism and portrait tattoo work – probably the most difficult of styles. The ironic and sad thing is Garcia has a heart condition that prevents him from being tattooed.

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