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20+ Sweet Bucket of Mother Quotes Posted in Quotes By Naina Emmanuel On July 26, 2013 Mother! I do remember when my mama takes our side in front of our dad, hides our mistakes, consoles and expects that we’d never do this again.
Mother is the name from where you begin; she remains with you in her life and even after her life, her prayers surround you everywhere.
A vast, revered, honored word; full of love, feelings, emotions and care that cannot be expressed in words. Mother’s love is without any feel of jealousy and she is always there for every kind of help.

Mother is not only a parent for her children but a friend, helper, guider and a well-wisher. It is said that “Mother is the first school for her child." She loves her every child the same, without any discrimination factor. Those people who don’t have their mothers with them consider them meager person of the world, and pity for those who don’t care and value their mothers.
She is the one who brings us up, gives courage to face the world, confidence to achieve, teaches perseverance, moral ethics and to stand along. When people talk about a pure love, without any condition they give example of their mother’s love, the most trusted relation of the world.

Mother’s prayers bring peace, prosperity and a piece of heaven in your hearts, her pure heart is a priceless jewel.

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