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Tattoos look great if they are done on an appropriate body part in an equally appropriate manner.
There is a lot of variety from which one can choose and select designs when it comes to a side tattoo. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Christian Tattoos For Women, Hip Tattoos, Broken Heart Tattoos and Christian Tattoos For Men.
The flowers sitting on the leg of the girl and covering it totally create a pleasing and vibrant, natural portrait. Classy to the core, the black and red cherry blossom tree tattoo looks very alluring and represents feminine beauty. A sexy girl sitting on the arm of the girl looks interesting and also symbolizes the fact that the wearer revels in her feminine status. Popular oriental symbol of celebration of life as well as its ephemeral nature; the cherry tree tattoo, done on the sleeve looks very alluring. The side showing a dark, mysterious portrait and the arms bearing flowers look very catchy together. The girl gives us a view of her side tattoo that bears the portrait of a girl sitting in the woods and looks very mystic.
Whether you wear it on your arms or the ribs, the effect of side tattoos is distinct and creates a rocking style statement.
The girl has got quotes on both the sides of her body that talk about the philosophy of freedom in a beautiful manner.
Spreading the fragrance and beauty of flowers, this side tattoo symbolizes the importance of sharing bliss. The girl has got the twin hearts tattoo on the side of her lower back that symbolizes the wearer and her twin sister. The girl has got her full sleeve covered with various designs that paint a colorful and captivating picture. Take a look at this side piece done with bats and bearing the name of the American rock band that is the favorite of the wearer.
The theme of beauty and death have been fused together in this tattoo piece done on the side of the girl. The curvaceous beauty has got the side of her body and arms decorated with tattoos and flaunts then in style wearing a bikini. Alluring and artistic; this side tattoo has got a refined decorative pattern that is really a treat for the eyes.
The man has got a dark tree on the side of his body as a tattoo to express his disillusionment with life.
Symbol of life; the religious and spiritual side tattoo looks elegant and also serves as a source of inspiration.

Side tattoo showing a bunch of dark flying birds is a symbol of liberation and expresses the desire of the wearer to be free. Picturesque and pleasing; this side tattoo of the wearer looks very majestic and symbolizes the desire of the woman to lead a majestic life.
Done with dark ink, this side tattoo looks cool and represents the fascination of the wearer with the calendar girls. The pair of roses sitting on the side of the girl stand for her love life that comprises her lover and her own self.
The somber side tattoo created with a dark rose and the name of the dear one looks graceful and neat. The stars and vines create a very sexy tattoo that is also a symbol of the girl’s dreamy nature. The three roses on the side of the woman are for her husband, child and her own self, representing the lovely family life of the girl. Symbol of ambition and dreams, the stars look very alluring and produce a pleasing portrait on the side of the woman. Large side tattoo, done on the side of the girl’s body and covering her ribs, thigh and leg looks enigmatic and intriguing. The stars on the side of the girl’s body looks very elegant and stand for the fact that the wearer possesses great passion for her dreams. Lovely and luscious, the cherry blossom tattoo sitting on the side of the girl is a sign of her sensuous beauty. This side tattoo of the girl talks about the importance of love and peace that create the big and strong family tree. The girl shows her glamorous and wild side with the help of the pink and dark cheetah print tattoo done on the neck.
The flying dove with the heart and banner looks very pleasant and spreads the message of peace and love. Cool crown tattoo done on the neck expresses the desire of the guy to lead his life king size.
Realistic and alluring, the queer bird, etched on the side of the lower back is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.
Give a masculine and bold touch to your body with this tribal side tattoo that looks artful as well.
The man has got his last name carved on the side of his leg on a blue wavy backdrop as an expression of self-identity.
Covering the foot and the side of the leg; this tattoo looks very artistic and symbolizes bliss of freedom. Girls love flowers and this wearer got them as tattoo to grace the side of her leg and it looks really beautiful.

Another girl with flowers on the side of her leg but this time done with grey and dark ink to create a sober tattoo piece.
The mom got her love for her son and music etched on her side in a creative manner that makes for an alluring portrait.
Wild and serene; this tiger tattoo conveys both the traits through its unique look and also represents the queer nature of the girl.
This religious guy got a tattoo on the side of his body in the form of a banner that bears words from the Bible.
Classic cross tattoo having a green vine wrapped around it that also denotes god’s love for nature. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Segue os melhores desenhos de tatuagens nos quadris que nao sao apenas bonitas elas tambem ajudam a acentuar a beleza de sua cintura. The art from presents itself in a charming manner if it gets an aesthetic exposure and is portrayed nicely.
Well, the taste of the men and women differ in this regard and they go for different types of tattoos.
Elas sempre gostaram muito de exibir sua graca feminina por embelezar a area e chamar a atencao, ainda que de uma forma elegante. A palavra e escrita em preto e tatuada na parte substancial dos quadris ou parte inferior das costas.
Na maior parte simboliza a purificacao e iluminacao da alma e tem grande valor simbolico e estetico. Veja o sombreamento eficaz e a atencao especial aos detalhes minuciosos que acentuam esta obra de arte. The former are interested in tribal and other kinds of masculine, bold designs whereas the latter go for flowers and other kinds of soft, feminine designs. De acessorios para jeans skinny, as mulheres sempre tentam realcar as curvas de seus quadris.
Here we have presented a collection of 45 images that will shed more light on these tattoos. Nao e de admirar, entao, que os quadris sao a tela perfeita para mostrar alguns dos desenhos de tatuagens inovadoras.

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