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This amazing subject reminds us about the importance of the time and encourages us to feel each second of our lives. A solo hourglass depicted on the body looks complete but you can use a lot of other elements in order to make your tattoo more impressive. Skulls we can see as elements for tattoo designs quite often and each time they represent new meanings. If you are not fond of too much luxurious or detailed tattoo works you may choose simple small hourglass which will be still very stunning. For these reasons tattoo artists try to use all possible ways to depict this piece of art and we can say that they are succeed in this case because nowadays we can see a lot of amazing hourglass tattoo designs which are very eye-catching and stunning.
It seems the wearer wanted to show that we are all prisoners of time, some of us do not understand that but actually here is shown the exact meaning of hourglass.

Here we can see a skull with an hourglass and the overall design of the tattoo is very colorful. This kinds of tattoos are popular particularly among females and the best body area for simple hourglass tattoo designs is the wrist. The most important thing is to find a design which is closer to your personality and includes a part of you.
If you are also fan of this historical object that has very interesting meanings, you should continue reading because you are going to see the samples of interesting hourglass tattoo designs. We try to do everything to keep up with time but in some cases we do not manage to do a lot of things.
Using a skull with an hourglass is connected with death like time goes and takes our lives with it.

The color can be chosen based on your preference but with darker ink it really looks great.
The hourglass is a symbol of time and it was used ages ago, now their use is not so practical but the design of the hourglass is unique itself. The tattoo is done on the arm and the colors are more relaxed which keeps the interest of the tattoo. It looks very tender and undoubtedly many girls would like to have this kind of tattoo design.

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