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It’s really an itty-bitty thing, and from far away, my friends inform me, it just looks like I have a mole.
You would think that given the short-term thought I put into it, I’d regret my tattoo. To commemorate our one-year anniversary since we left Cyprus, my BFF Amy and I are contemplating getting matching Greek tattoos when I’m in Boston next weekend.

A piece of scratch paper from exactly one year ago bearing my sketches of the tattoo I wanted. After a morning of visiting the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank’s house, my friend Tracy spontaneously decided she wanted a tattoo. The tattoo artist tried drawing me some much more elaborate lotuses (loti?), but I didn’t particularly like any of them.

We had already wrapped up our agenda for the day, so we all accompanied her to a tattoo parlor, based on the recommendation of some dude in some souvenir shop on some random street corner.

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