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Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below.
The first traditional meaning behind the spider web tattoo comes from the notion of racism.
The spider web tattoo swept prisons across the globe in the late 1900’s, it was around this time the meaning slightly changed. If you see a spider web tattoo today you would be wrong to assume that the wearer has served time in prison or commited a terrible crime. It is important not to pay too much attention to the spider web tattoo in modern day society.
Many people like spiders because they are quite amazing crawlies, through there are quite scary and some of them do have a venomous bite.
Spiders are creatures which can be sighted on every part of the planet even on way off islands because spiders can travel long miles with the help of their webs as mini parachutes. There are different types of spiders and though all the spiders can bite only a few are fatal. This gives the vital information about the extent of prisonera€™s sentence and the severity of their crimes.
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Prison tattoos in their own way end up as more fashionable tattoos as apposed to having any deep meaning. Not just any racism however, a strong, unforgiving racism which means that the wearer has more than likely killed a minority to get his point across. Tattoos with meaning have changed so much over the years that now, even a tattoo with such a strong history such as this one can be worn in a fashionable mannor without any meaning behind it.
It is usually seen on either the elbow or the neck of males, rarely if ever is it seen on women. For example, in the mid 1900’s if a prisoner had a tattoo of a knife around his neck it would mean that he was available for contract killing, nowadays the true meanings only bare relevance in some of the toughest cultures in the world such as Russia and Mexico. Unlike other tattoos the location of where the tattoo is on the body means absolutley nothing. In around 1970 the spider web tattoo was being inked on many prisoners who were serving time for murder. In some cultures the spider web is linked to dreamcatchers and therefore thought of in a positive way.
If you are considering adding a spider web tattoo then be sure to check out lots of designs first as there are plenty of great ones out there. Leta€™s look at bit more into the mystery behind the spider imagery which makes it so popular.

The spider tattoo is very unique in the sense that it has no real meaning to tattoo wearers on the outside world, only those in prison. What the spider web tattoo means to you is by far and away the most important factor and its essential not to forget that.
In Japan if the spider is seen in the daytime it believed to be a good fortune but the same is said to be misfortune if it is viewed at night. In modern prisons the spider web tattoo can bare little or no significance at all, it can simply mean that the wearer has served time.
The spider design tattoos are generally found on the arms or under arms of the racists who have spent time in Jail. The spider tattoos achieved some important status in the symbol language of prison and gang tattoo.

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