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Now what Madoff’s investment firm did was develop stock quotes with the help of computer technology. Now what actually happened was that in the very first week of December 2008, Bernie Madoff discussed his dilemma over having to pay his clients an amount of almost $7 billion as he didn’t have that much funds. Bernie was charged of federal offences like securities fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, perjury, and money laundering, false statement making only to name a few.
So Bernie Madoff went on to become the greatest crook in the history of the security investment business.
If the rich can commit crimes at a level as such , where does that lead the future of America . This is one of the worst written replies (or reply as you may call it), that I have ever read. A detailed Warren Buffett bio of one of the most successful investors in our living times.  He is one of the very few billionaires who have amassed wealth majorly through investing in stocks. Born in August 30, 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, Buffett was inclined towards stock market, right from his childhood.
In 1965, Buffett’s partnership overtook Textile Company – Berkshire Hathaway located in Warren’s hometown Omaha, Nebraska. Warren Buffett is known as the Father of Value Investing and the Investment Industry takes inspiration from his unique style of investing.
Warren Buffett avoided Pharma or Dot Com Companies for he never invests in business that he is unable to understand or falls under his circle of competence. The Buy and Hold Investment strategy of Buffett has been appreciated by investors all over. Warren Buffett’s life is an apt example of Intelligence when combined with action leads to success. Warren Buffett is the most successful investors our living times and is one of the very few billionaires who have amassed wealth majorly through investing in stocks.
I just don’t want the government to get any more money period, no matter where it comes from.
They will use this money to create even more entitlement programs that will spiral out of control in future years and run us even further into debt and hopelessness. They always use debt and deficits to justify tax increases, but they never use the new tax revenue to pay down any debt or bring the deficits under control. Not one more cent in tax increases until the government shows they have changed their priorities. With buyout activity on track to set a record in 2015, it's a good time to try your hand at divining the next big deal.
A lot of deals are occurring in biotech, where big outfits often find it easier to buy a company and its products than to develop their own. With 0.09% in annual fees, Fidelity Spartan 500 Index (FUSEX), which tracks the S&P 500, is among the cheapest mutual funds around.
Parnassus Core Equity (PRBLX) held up better than the overall stock market during the 2007–09 bear market (when the S&P 500 plunged 55%) and during the 2015 correction (a 12% decline). Vanguard Short-Term Investment Grade Fund (VFSTX), a member of the Kiplinger 25, should weather an interest-rate rise well. If you worry that the market's recent swoon isn’t over but want to keep some skin in the game, then buy stocks that have a record of holding up better than most in down markets. Over the past decade, Vanguard Dividend Growth (VDIGX), a Kip 25 member, returned 8.4% annualized. Higher short-term interest rates would boost the money Paychex makes on cash held for customer payrolls, potentially lifting profits higher. Hence they came to develop the National Association for Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.
Now within the very next two days Bernie told his sons that he made a huge profit and had decided to give away an early bonus, amounting up to $173 million. Also it makes good reason to really look at the justice system for the power is not in the people for it is in the ones who create the laws and they also disobey and make unjust laws to prosper at the poor expense .
In his senior year at the University of Nebraska, Warren Buffet was so impressed by the Investment Classic “Intelligent Investor” that he left his hometown to study in the guidance of Benjamin Graham, the author of the book.
After Graham retired in 1956, Buffett returned to Omaha to start a limited Investment Partnership with seven limited partners.
In March 1967, Berkshire purchased the outstanding stocks of two insurance companies’- National Indemnity Company, National Fire and Marine Insurance Company.
According to Buffett, the essence of value investing is to buy stocks at less than their intrinsic value giving an investor fair amount of Margin of Safety.

One of his principles was to invest in good companies when they have a temporary problem or when the stock market is low and creating bargain prices for outstanding businesses. He says that an investor should carefully study the facts and figures, value the company’s future outlook, and purchase when everything is in their favor.
He has worked in an animated series which features Buffett and Munger and teaches children healthy financial habits.
He auctioned his Car to raise money for Girls and auctioned a luncheon with himself for a charity. I don’t care if they send IRS SWAT teams into the home of every last rich person in the US and confiscate every last cent the bastards have squirreled away.
Are you a nervous investor who's looking for a stable portfolio that won't keep you up at night? Our top candidates are Anacor Pharmaceuticals (ANAC, $118) and Atara Biotherapeutics (ATRA, $31). The fund uses screens to filter out companies involved in tobacco, liquor, weapons and nuclear power, among other things. And as its name suggests, you won’t have to worry about credit woes should the economy weaken. Quality Dividend Growth Fund (DGRW) holds shares of 293 dividend-paying firms with solid profit growth.
The iShares Core High Dividend ETF (HDV) spreads its bets, squeezing out a 3.5% yield by focusing on health care, energy and retail com­panies.
That beat 97% of its peers—funds that invest in large-company stocks with growth and value characteristics.
CEO Satya Nadella is slashing costs to help boost profits and is steering the software giant toward hot tech areas, such as cloud computing and mobile products. Plunging oil prices didn't stop ExxonMobil (XOM, $74) from raising its dividend this year—its 33rd consecutive annual boost. The NASDAQ as it came to be known as found its chairman in Bernie Madoff, who served the chair until his arrest in 2008. But organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) completely ignored the doubts and Madoff continued with his overtures for almost another 10 years. He was sentenced to the highest degree of punishment possible under this act; an imprisonment of 150 years.
Madoff became a multi-millionaire by pulling off a very clever Ponzi scheme cheating upon thousands of clients and investors.
They haven’t a care not only for our country but these types are all over the world in control of all our lives in all importance of the fabric of our lives. He still lives in the same home he bought in 1958; he drives his own car and pays his own taxes.
Buffett prefers to invest in simple and understandable businesses, checks out a company’s track record for ROE (Return on Equity) and tries to predict the growth of the company in next ten years.
They should not try to predict the direction of the stock market, the economy, interest rates, or elections. The only area which is to the concern of Buffett is capital allocation and compensation of top managers.
In 2006, he announced a plan to give away his fortune to charity, with 83% of it going to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
It’s like a gambler who begs you for money because the loansharks are going to kill him, but once he gets his hands on that money, he runs straight back to the casino and doubles the stakes. Then cobble together a portfolio from our nervous investor picks that tend to gently sway during violent market swings. It also erodes the value of sales and profits generated overseas when they are converted from local currencies to greenbacks. Outside of biotech, we suggest Freshpet (FRPT, $11), a maker of pet food that could be a tempting target for a large consumer-products company.
Markel also makes strategic, long-term investments in companies ranging from bakeries to homebuilders to makers of dredging equipment.
Launched in May 2013, the fund at last report held 24% of its assets in domestic stocks, 32% in foreign stocks, 29% in bonds, 9% in alternative investments and 6% in cash. Each of the stocks showed its mettle during the May–August correction by faring better than the overall market.
Although its 20% weighting in energy stocks has hurt returns lately, that stake will help once oil prices recover.
Payroll processor Paychex (PAYX, $48), which handles payrolls for 590,000 small and midsize businesses, yields 3.5% and should fare well as long as the economy keeps expanding.

Even if oil prices don’t recover much, Exxon should make more than enough money to keep the dividend streak going next year. Bernard, a graduate with Political Science, started an investment firm, along with his wife.
Now as his firm was expanding, more and more family members of the Madoff family were engaged in it. This is when their father confessed that his whole company worked through a “giant Ponzi scheme”. He was sent to the Federal Prisons of North Carolina where he is registered as inmate number #61727-054 and his release from prison is dated November 14, 2134, a day he shall never see keeping in mind that he is now aged 71 years.
What surprises investors even more is that he did it right under the nose of the federal organizations such as the SEC who never guessed anything before a long time had passed. With a net worth of US $37 billion in 2009, Warren Edward Buffett is ranked as the second richest man in the world, just after his good friend Bill Gates who had the net worth of $40 Billion. After attaining a Master’s degree in Economics from Columbia Business School, he returned to Omaha to serve in his father’s brokerage firm. He had set target to defeat the Dow by just ten percent points but with his brilliance he defeated the Dow by twenty two percent points between the years 1957 and 1969. Buffett stamped his authority on the investment business, when he became the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc in 1970. If the dollar continues to strengthen, you may be better off investing at home—or, rather, in the stocks of homebuilders.
But because the odds of a takeover actually occurring are low, we searched for stocks that could perform well even if a deal doesn't materialize. Over the past year, Markel's stock soared 26%, while shares of Berkshire (BRK.B, $130) sank 6%. All three boast above-average dividend yields and get high marks from Wall Street analysts. Madoff’s brother, his two sons and his niece all came to be a part of the company he owned. Buffett’s net worth of $620 million brought his name in the Forbes List of 400 richest people, for the first time in 1979.
In 1976 he purchased a very important position in GEICO when the stock had fallen down from $61 to $2 and the basic opinion was that the stock was definitely going to zero.
But Buffett also welcomes any matter on business environment which his managers want to discuss with him. So we culled Goldman's list for companies that most Wall Street analysts rate as "buys" and that trade for at least 40% less than analysts' average 12-month price targets.
Had the stock market not had been in a sharp decline in 2008, who knows how much longer the fraud could have continued. Not only did his company manage the investment of lots of multi millionaire clients ranging from famous media personnel to giant business tycoons, the company also looked after many charitable organizations. It is indeed the strength of Buffett’s Principles that makes him so successful in the investment industry.
These charitable organizations too weren’t saved from the greed and dishonesty of this fraud and suffered heavy losses along with the rich investors.
Sales of new homes are gathering steam, so analysts expect both companies to generate double-digit-percentage profit growth this year and next.
Though Bernie confessed to have had started his Ponzi scheme in the 1990’s, investigators think otherwise. Investigators believe throughout his whole career Madoff had moved around $170 million of his investors’ money to his private accounts.
Bernie Madoff got a lot of help from his father in law who referred him to a larger circle of people helping him expand his business.
Because of the nature of the fraud, it will never be know just how much was stolen during the entire fraud. It guaranteed annual returns of 10% or more and won the support of more and more investors gradually.
So much so that by the 1980’s the firm was controlling around 5% of the volume in the New York Stock Exchange.

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