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Clean, 55-page custom alphabet and "real street hand style" script guide by Los Angeles tattoo artist Big Sleeps. The book contains not only a very large amount of original scripts and designs, but also helpful hints and instruction sprinkled throughout.
This is a collection of illustrations, sketches and photos from Japanese tattoo master, Horimasa. This is a beautiful new book just put out by Gentleman's Publishing called TIMES OF GRACE. This is an amazing collection of Japanese Koi outlines by Jack Mosher (Horimouja) - one of my personal favorites! This is an amazing collection of Dragon Imagery by  Jack Mosher (Horimouja) - one of my personal favorites!
This is an insanely cool tattoo reference book called Kuniyoshi's Suikoden in Outline, put out by the Japan Tattoo Institute. This collection includes 50 full page monochrome outlines of Hannya masks, coupled with Horimouja's amazing attention to details makes this a must have for any collection of Japanese tattoo art and imagery. New for 2010, the Year of the Tiger, we present the long-awaited third volume of classic Sailor Jerry flash. Latest PostsAvailable now: Drawings For Tattoos – Don Ed HardyNew Hardy Marks book: “Lew The Jew” Alberts available now! May we use the image of the owl coloring page as a logo for our Blind Spot Business Consulting? A tebori artist by trade (the traditional Japanese method of tattooing by hand) Horimasa breathes new life into fundamental Japanese tattoo motifs in this compilation.
It is a compilation of sketches, paintings and flash by German tattoo artist Eckel and it is one of the nicest collections I have come across in a while. 50 full page monochrome outlines with Horimouja's great attention to detail make this a must have for any collection of Japanese tattoo art and imagery. Horihoti I is the founder of the Horihito tattoo family in Kanagawa and is legendary here in Japan.

This book is intense consisting of full page monochrome outlines of the warriors (Samurai) pulled directly from his Ukiyo-e. It is not in tune with my usual Japanese imagery, but I just picked a copy up for myself and decided to list it. This book is a brilliant resource for anyone interested in imagery for large Japanese pieces. Hannya are one of the most striking of the Japanese images, haunting in their one unwavering expression. His masterful designs, featuring ships and beautiful girls, eagles, hearts, roses, and other now-familiar motifs, were widely imitated but rarely matched for boldness, elegance, and clarity. That he's studied the masters of traditional ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) is evident in his work and his approach to traditional Japanese iconography is bold and confident. This book is a collection of flash and photos from Horihito I and the artwork is completely stunning. It includes a section in the back of the same images, smaller and in color, for additional reference. It is by Dutch tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp  who is quickly making a name for herself in the contemporary art scene with her magnificent old school tattoo artistry and paintings. Pulling from musha-e (woodblocks featuring samurai imagery) The book consists of large full page monochrome outlines of warriors (Samurai) in a variety of positions and activities.
Hannya are representations of a female Demon, one who is typically jealous or a scorned woman. This generously-sized book is indispensable for any tattoo shop, tattoo fan, or person interested in a great American art tradition. This book consists of traditional Japanese imagery - Dragons, Koi, Mums, Roosters, Phoenix, Snakes, Hannya, Oni - as well as some of the lesser known Japanese mythological creatures like Baku, which illustrates that Cavna has done his research. Crisp lines and great attention to detail make this a must have for any collection of Japanese tattoo art and imagery. 130 full page, full colored images - provided both in outline form, and filled in - one on each side of the page.

The attention to detail is insane, Kuniyoshi is a true master of Ukiyo-e art and a very popular source for Japanese tattoo motif. Her pin-ups are brilliant and her artwork is fresh while still remaining loyal to old school traditions in style. The book includes a section in the front of the Ukiyo-e pulled from, smaller and in color, for additional reference. Meyer may still be getting his sea legs in this industry, but impounded within the covers of this book is a powerful roar of protest and a raised fist. Bold lines and proper musculature detailing make this a brilliant, no nonsense reference book.
Very cool collection, 80 pages of full color imagery, text in English, softcover and appx.
The names of each Samurai is written in both English and Japanese, the remaining text is minimal and Japanese. Hannya are one of the most macabre images from Japanese folklore, at once commonplace and startling. It includes full color, full pages illustrations, complete single line drawings, preliminary sketches and sketches devoted to particularly tricky details, like hands, feet, eyes and claws. It also includes a 50 full page, full color photo section of Horimasa's tattoo work, shot by world renowned photographer Geoff Johnson. It includes 42 monochrome sketches to be used as a springboard for original creations - let's not copy kids, it's just bad form.
This book is nice a big, printed on thick, high quality paper and comes in a cardboard slipcase for protection. It is an amazing resource for anyone interested in traditional Japanese tattooing and imagery.

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