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Gang members will never confirm if you are an innocent bystander or you are part of a gang they hate. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work.
In addition to the above mentioned meaning, the tribal shark tattoos are believed to be a symbol of protection. Tattoos featuring the hammerhead shark species are quite popular among tattoo lovers as these tattoos stand for speed, power and strength. The traditional shark tattoos are usually made with colorful ink and are often combined with waves, small ships and flowers. The great white shark tattoos are particularly popular among men and are excellent for a chest tattoo, back tattoo or an arm tattoo. This type of shark tattoo is sometimes represented as a tiger shark emerging from water to make it look realistic.

Shark tattoos are an excellent choice for arm tattoos as the elongated bodies of the creatures allow for much creativity while covering the entire arm.
This is the name used to refer to gangs that are located in Central America and the United States.
Due to the expansion of the gangs, you will find that they have expanded their networks to other areas. MS a€“ 13 tattoos are used to identify gang members of this group therefore you will find that they are not common with ordinary members of the public. But, tattoos featuring the fearsome creatures do not necessarily stand for something negative.
The fact that this gang has been known to be associated with offences like human trafficking, drug trafficking, black market gun sales, among other crimes. There is no way you can convince the security agencies that you are not a gang member when you are sporting one of their tattoos.

There are numerous styles of shark tattoos with their meaning varying from force and survival to intelligence, courage and aggression. Gang members seen to be spotting MS a€“ 13 tattoos are believed to be in hundreds in the United States. Gang members are normally Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and other Central Americans. For example, you will find that a person who has MS a€“ 13 tattoos will get into trouble with other gang groups that have been conflicting with that gang.

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