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Majority of peoples are interested in leg tattoo designs, especially those girls who wears a skirts or nickers. One of the most interesting areas to get tattooed, thighs can be a showcase for truly stunning tattoo designs.
If you are planning to get a thigh tattoo that sits wrapped around the thigh try designs with flower or leaf themes.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Calf Tattoos, Tattoos Pictures, Finger Tattoos and Tattoo Patterns. A burst of roses and elaborate patterns makes up this intricate girl’s face theme tattoo on the thigh. Pretty pink and mauve blossoms alongside butterflies decorate this tattoo that promises a forever love. The rich and ornate frame design tattoo is perfect to hold the portrait of a favorite pet that has passed away. A pair of colorful birds is matched by pretty flowers in many shades in this nature theme tattoo design.
An intricate design in black just gets a few touches of color in this gorgeous abstract motif thigh tattoo. Styled in a mauve pattern and surrounded by the blue of waves and rich undersea treasures this is an amazing dragon theme tattoo. The aqua blue color of the deep ocean shades this pretty fantasy theme horse tattoo design. A skull and huge colourful blooms come together in this Mexican life and death theme tattoo. Intricate shades of gray make this cat tattoo life-like enough to pop out of the stylish design. Done in varying shades of black in artistic patterns this tattoo design is a beautiful thigh decoration. The tiny details of fur on a wolf’s body come alive through this Red Indian theme detailed tattoo design. Fresh black ink patterns make up this beautiful owl theme tattoo with a red heart adding a touch of bright color. The wider upper portion of the thigh is ideal for this floral theme tattoo with a large red rose and other flowers completing the wrap-around design. Bright orange and blue are the colors of expression for a joyful bird tattoo design on the thigh.
A burst of colors and patterns along with special words find space on this beautiful woman’s thigh tattoos.
An abstract pattern that looks a lot like graceful vines has bright red touches in this pretty thigh tattoo design. Full of hard metal shapes, an owl, springs, and mechanical coils, this tattoo design speaks of the mechanized city life. Gorgeous geometric patterns with hexagons and triangles form the key cluster of this Celtic tattoo design. Rich black shapes with elaborate shadows and patterns make up this stunning words tattoo on the thigh.

This dragon drawn in shades of bright green with a red underbelly forms a really bright thigh tattoo design.
What a labor of love this thigh tattoo design is, with its amazingly intricate paired birds design in black.
The bold primary colors of red, blue, and green come together with bright yellow in this lively thigh tattoo design.
Surrounded by a wreath of flowers this elegant cat looks on as a part of the single colored thigh tattoo design. Delicate shades of orange, gray, and black inked with narrow lines add to the elegance of this Japanese design theme tattoo.
See how the bright yellow and reds of this single flower thigh tattoo play against the green leaves pattern in the design. Great masses of lines and swirls come together in this fantasy theme tattoo where a clock, a bird, and leaves combine in the unique design. Love that cuts like a knife and hope that provides a strong anchor are the themes of these colorful thigh tattoos.
Inked with a royal blue mane and a bright blue polka-dotted body this is an awesome fantasy creature theme tattoo on the thigh.
The words in a ribbon style wrap-around design along with the cool skull and human figure make up this creative thigh tattoo design. Check out the fine brown details shaded with black in this stunningly realistic fish theme thigh tattoo. Bright lemon and sparkling blue shades make this cute and colorful owl theme tattoo come alive on the thigh. Inked in flowing lines and geometric patterns this is a beautiful bridge theme thigh tattoo design.
I must say that the animal and mythical creature tattoo designs in this collection are very incredible looking tattoos. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Over-all every tattoo image is clear and very nice, you can select your favorite tattoo style and make your lovely legs more attractive. You can also go for a single colorful flower theme tattoo on your thigh, or try a design with delicate flowers in the Japanese style. Check out the bright blue of the waves as they contrast with the red flowers in the design. Inked in powerful lines with tonal mixes this tiger looks almost like it’ll step out of the tattoo design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Combining patterns and motifs like clocks, flying bird wings, and fantasy creatures also works well as thigh tattoos.
If a particular cartoon character always appeals to you, you can get a tattoo inked with your favorite cartoon character.

As you click through our galleries, you will see all kinds of tattoo options, from simple to 3D.
Dragons with their delicate scales and magnificent wings also look great in tattoo designs. You can go for a single color design and use shades to bring out the finer details of the design. Remember, the more information you can provide your artist with, the more likely you will adore your latest tattoo when it is finished.
You can also go for a bright color palette and have plenty of oranges, blues, reds, and greens in your thigh tattoo design. Pink has been gradually adding tattoos to her legs since the age of 12, when she got her first tat ever on her ankle, and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Pink may have some leg tattoos that she regrets, but lucky for us, she never plans on getting them removed.
I think!” Apparently the inspiration behind Pink’s dragon thigh tattoo was her appreciation for the beauty of Japanese art. Wrapping around her right ankle, Pink has a pair of dog tags inked in black that are meant to honor her brother, Jason, and her father, Jim Moore, a Vietnam War veteran. The first song Pink ever learned and performed was “I Have Seen the Rain,” a song her dad wrote while in Vietnam. The rebellious Pink that we all know and love may not seem super lovey-dovey, but the heart tattoos on her toes aren’t the only heart tats Pink has.
She has at least two other tattoos that incorporate hearts into their design, including the heart and “love” symbol on her hip and the broken “best friends” heart on her arm. Pink and Carey split back in 2008 for about two years, and the separation must have been pretty difficult on the two of them.
Pink is a self-professed animal lover through and through, and apparently frogs are her favorite type of animal – apart from dogs, of course.
Pink’s foot tattoo features a relatively large black and white frog that covers a good portion of her foot, right near her Japanese symbol tattoos.
The pop star has two nearly identical pink and black bow tattoos inked on the backs of her legs, just below her butt. Well, wonder no more – “In my head I’m a really talented stripper,” Pink has said about her leg tattoos. The pop star admits that the leg tattoos were the result of a drunken decision, although they definitely show off her toned butt nicely, so that’s a plus. Pink” Leg TatEver wonder how Alecia Beth Moore got the stage name “Pink?” According to one account, Pink’s nickname was established after Steve Buscemi played the role of Mr. There are a number of other explanations for Pink’s fitting stage name, but this one seems to be the most viable, considering the pop star actually has a “Mr.
Pink got the leg tattoo when she was 17, which was in 1996, and Reservoir Dogs came out in 1992, so the timing definitely fits.

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