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I'm not saying you might spend X amount of time there but think about it if you happened to end up in there. All warnings aside, My fiancee is a nurse, I've thought of getting one of a badge with a stethoscope draped around it to symbolize our two jobs.
I agree with everyone else, for those reasons as well as this; the longer you stay in law enforcement the less you'll want anyone to know you're the police when off duty. There is a reason that you'll see a brand new guy with a badge the size of a frisbee in his wallet, but rarely see the same thing with a 5+ year guy. 3) What if you decide you want to go to another agency after you've had some real time experience working for this agency? 4) What if ten years down the road you're a store with your kid and someone you don't see or recognize, notices the tattoo, decides he doesn't like cops and wants to do something about it?

If you're a real cop, you know it inside, you don't have to advertise the fact on the outside.
I am currently about halfway through my academy, and the other recruits from my department and I are pretty good buddies. I don't have plans on going undercover, so this wouldn't be an issue there, but would a police theme cause problems any other time? It jeapordizes your safety and with a tattoo like that, you can throw any chances of working UC later in your career, right out the window. Though I never, EVER want to go to prison, nor do I ever plan on doing anything that would make me a candidate, the world of litigation and horror stories I have heard from instructors in academy make me want to be extra safe in case I ever end up in a place like that.
We've decided when we get out of academy, we are going to get some sort of police-themed tattoo, either when we are sworn in or when we get through our FTO phase.

Really, though, I just want to be responsible for taking others to prison, not getting in there myself (yikes!) I will keep it all in mind when making my decision. We want something tasteful (and awesome ) and small enough to be concealed under a short-sleeve shirt. I have looked around online, but I only seem to find policemen who have tattoos, not police-themed tattoos.

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