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It occurred to me, astute photojournalist that I am, that my avid readers might like a look at this mysterious Bins you hear so much about. Here you see as much of the store as I could get in as possible, from the front left (near the entry door).
This is from the opposite side, the back right corner, and is once again as much as I could get in. Most of the store looks like this, with tables (and sometimes bins, like you see in the second picture) of what I'd call "general refuse." Could be anything and mostly it's not sorted in any way.
These pictures don't really give you an idea of the enormity of the stuff in this place, but they're a first try. I originally wanted the tattoo to be much smaller than it is, and the artist who did it (whose name totally escapes me now) warned me that I would end up regretting if it was too small and looked like a stamp or a sticker. At the time, I insisted that this tattoo was merely decorative and symbolized absolutely nothing. I have a vague plan to get this tattoo expanded into a full lower back piece, because I really don't like having a tramp stamp now that every other sorority girl on the block has one. It sucks that this tattoo isn't done better, but I am still sort of resistant to getting it fixed or covered.
Much as I loved the image, I also found it "pretty" and was a bit resistant to it on that front, as I've always kind of disliked pretty tattoos on women. I have wanted to get a tattoo symbolizing Oregon, my homesickness, and my identity as an Oregonian for several years. Why yes, I think (three days before) your 29th birthday is an excellent time to get a tattoo honoring your beloved and much missed home state. And an even better time to realize that yes, even though you checked and double checked, it is spelled wrong and you will have to go back when it heals in two weeks and have it fixed.
Another wine we've enjoyed recently is Nobilo's Regional Collection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
The wine is 13% alcohol by volume and a half bottle gave me no real buzz and had no ill effects the next morning.
As fits my trend of being at least a couple of years behind in all things pop culture, I am just now finishing up watching Deadwood. According to an interview with Salon, Deadwood creator David Milch met Geri Jewell in a pharmacy while he was developing the show and offered her a part.
Thematically, Deadwood is, in part, about breaking new ground, and the spine and ruthlessness that is sometimes necessary to do so.
Mark insisted that instead we stop at Central Market and buy a steak to curb my iron cravings. An overweight and completely out of shape woman, dressed in nearly see-through PJ pants that are three sizes too big, a tee shirt that is several sizes too small and shows her belly rolls, and flip flops. I also got a set of new in package much-needed cotton sailcloth curtains for our kitchen window, for $6.99. A normal person, after this happening three times, would perhaps take a break from visiting the bins.
I'm playing a two-striker offense, with Liverpool's Fernando Torres on one side and Portsmouth's Peter Crouch on the other.
On the wing, I am playing Arsenal's Cesc Fabergas on the left and Liverpool's Yossi Benayoun on the right. So I took my trusty (hardly) digital camera with me to thrift today, and snapped a few shots. This is the hardest part to shop in, for me, as sifting through table after table of clothes gets tiring. Rather than bore you and myself with yet another post about how I have accomplished nothing, I thought I'd take you back on a little trip through my tattoos. I thought about it for a long, long time first, and my friend Howell, who drew the design, when through months of iterations of it before I chose this one. I allowed her to enlarge the design (and I now know she was right and it is still too small). Looking back, I can see that the design itself may not symbolize anything, but my getting it, and getting it in the location I did (where it is easily hideable now, but wasn't so much in those days of baby tees and baggy pants) wasn't accidental.
Then again, though, having it in the place and size it is already in is true to the 19 year old me who got it. Finally, in the early summer of 2003, when I was 22, I decided to get one of Emily Hubley's illustrations from the film Hedwig & the Angry Inch tattooed on my inner left ankle.
I went back to Medusa, but this time had the work done by a different artist there, a woman named Fish. Once again, it takes me back to a time in my life I remember so clearly, a set of thoughts and feelings I can access only through memory, and I don't want to disrupt that. I'm not sure whether this speaks more to the quality of the work or to how much more slowly I am changing than I used to. To counteract the "femininity," I decided I wanted to put the tat somewhere less traditionally feminine than my previous ankle and lower back choices, and somewhere more visible.
I am going to get it fixed, because having a misspelled tattoo will definitely annoy me after awhile, but I think it probably serves my pretentious non-Latin speaking ass right for getting a tattoo in Latin. And I will confirm that I am not pregnant and not planning to go to grad school anytime soon, either.
Hopefully it will be helpful to my fellow wine drinkers, and I know it will be helpful to Mark and I (to remember which cheap bottles are worth buying again). The English Premiere League season started last weekend (soccer-football, for the uninitiated). Mark and I are both picky about our hummus, and we agree that Sabra with the roasted pine nuts on top is the best you can get at a store. I hated the series at first (making fun of it when Mark watched it by coming into the room and yelling "COCKSUCKER!" at inopportune moments), but it grew on me, and frankly, now I think it's brilliant. He says he "thought it would be an interesting thing to have a character who was handicapped or whatever the goddamned expression is supposed to be.
Jewel insists that she be taken seriously as a woman, not just as a character with a disability. The show takes place in a gold mining camp, and much of the political drama centers on the battle between the camp's pioneer settlers and the looming government and big business forces. Between the heat and my Weight Watchers-inspired insistence that all meals be under 7 points, we've been doing a lot of "scrounging," which generally entails my eating hummus and veggies for supper and Mark eating chips and salsa or something similar. We enjoyed it with some really fantastic Brandborg Northern Reach pinot noir (from my home town!). I liked his simple, non-silly designs, and he seemed like the closest thing the show's designers had to a real person. And about how, not so long ago, I was more focused on how I could help other people (my monthly giving, among other things).
The Princess was looking for clothes, so we hit two "real" Goodwill stores, the Research location and the North Lamar one. Low spending, only items that have a purpose, and nothing physically large to take up a lot of space. In reality, these dudes can't really play together (as shown when Crouch played for Liverpool and ended up on the bench the entire season), but given the individual way fantasy football is scored, I think they're a good pick.
When you think of having a spider tattoo, apart from the beauty, the web comes to the mind.

Looking at them, just like being there, gives me this combination of adrenaline (what might I find?!) and sickness (how did we get to be a society that throws this much stuff away?). I chose the artist pretty randomly, though, by the name of the tattoo shop (Medusa Tattoo & Gallery in downtown Portland). At the time, I had never heard the term "tramp stamp" and had no idea that was what I was getting. A year into college, I was still savoring my freedom and my ability to do whatever I wanted with my own body and my own life. The thought behind the tat was two-part: first, I loved the play and the movie and considered it (and still do consider it) to be the only anthem befitting my generation of fuck ups. I'm more in love with Mark now than I was in 2003, for sure, but it's a different, more mature kind of thing, and the more grown up me finds the concept of an "other half" not only amusing, but sort of insulting.
That's why I chose my upper arm (I had originally considered my shoulder blade and rejected it on this basis). Recently, I decided that the best idea I'd had to symbolize my home state was its motto, "Alis Volat Propriis," or "She Flies On Her Own Wings." On a bit of a whim, on Monday I went in to Atomic to see if I could get someone to do it for me. How that correctly spelled stencil dropped at "r" when it was applied to my foot I will never know.
In the meantime, I think it looks great--I love the lettering and the placement on my foot--and nobody is going to notice the misspelling unless I tell them (which, because I think it's funny, I probably will). It's a 25% viognier to 75% chardonnay mix, which made me a bit skeptical about buying it, since I don't usually like chardonnay, but the voignier seems to take a lot of the nasty oak flavor out of the chardonnay, and resulting mix is quite good.
I've lost 18 lbs in 9 weeks, I'm not feeling deprived (at least not very much), and I feel better about myself every day. They are stuffed birds that make natural bird sounds when squeezed (from real bird recordings). She is in the employee of Ian McShane's Al Swearengen, the show's most notorious character. See how a person who was physically challenged would function in an atmosphere like this." This unsentimental attitude toward Jewel's character, and towards her handicap, permeates her appearances on the show.
In the same Salon article, Geri Jewell said "It's very fulfilling for me, having never been taken seriously as an actress. Because of this, when I spent the first part of our ride home from work whining about my dire need for iron, I expected that, at best, we'd stop for burgers. Running down a residential street at her absolute top speed, after a very short beagle who, despite her 2" legs, manages to stay just ahead of her. The Princess had a fantastic day--she tried on probably 20 pairs of jeans at the Research store and ended up buying an amazing 8 of them (she really needed jeans). You also see a couple of yards of sweet 70s fabric, a much needed new drink shaker (ours leaks) and a vintage Trimaway Diet Scale. A piece of broken glass, a piece of broken bed frame, and a third object I could not identify. A web may symbolize different things like being stuck in a place, being locked in a cell or being surrounded by difficult circumstances. It was important to me to have a woman do the work, and to have it done somewhere clean, but other than that, I had no real idea about qualifications. Though tats were popular then, they weren't nearly so common as they are now, and getting it felt a little bit rebellious, but getting it small and in a "girly" spot kept me feeling safe, too. Secondly, the image itself, and the myth it illustrates in the movie (told in the song "Origin of Love") speaks to the idea of having "another half," a partner who will complete you if only you find him or her. I like that the tat reminds me that I used to be more romantic, if less assured, and so it stays, in all of it immature glory (I was once asked if I got it done in prison--no joke). I wasn't set on Jason, since the tattoo idea was so basic, but he was there and available, so he set right up and did it in just a few minutes. And I didn't notice it while I was being tattooed, as it is upside down from my vantage point. I will definitely be getting a Texas-symbolizing tattoo, and it may even be the stereotypical Lone Star. I think they're just something people hold on to, and they are made so cheaply that they don't last long. I am not going to meetings, just using the online function, but it's amazing how helpful the points system is. It's a great way for us to bond, and I am really looking forward to months of Saturday mornings sitting on our couch, drinking coffee, yelling at our respective teams (Arsenal and Liverpool). My heart still belongs to Abby, but I don't know that I've ever even seen anything as cool as Hope Solo. Also, surprisingly given the context, it treats its female characters better than most of the HBO shows I've watched (I'm looking at you, The Sopranos and The Wire!). Al regularly yells at Jewel to "stop dragging that fucking leg!" She's referred to as "The Gimp" and "The Cripple" with regularity.
It's a wonderful opportunity to show what I can do besides having cerebral palsy." This gets at the heart of what is so wonderful about Jewel's character. Deadwood is filled with unconventional women, each breaking ground in her own way (former madam and lesbian Joanie, alcoholic and grieving gunslinger Jane, hard-edged prostitute-cum-accountant Trixie, steely cold widow Alma) and Jewel easily takes her place among them, a woman with a disability insisting on being taken seriously in her own right, outside of her relationship with her employer or her medical needs. At the North Lamar store, she tried on a big armload of tops and bought 7, along with a new in package stainless steel and silicone sippy bottle for her little boy.
They are not all things I would choose now, but they represent who I was at the time I got them, and I think it's healthy to look at myself that way--not just as who I am right now, but as the sum of everyone I've been. Two of my friends, an old one from high school and a new one from college, went with me to watch me get it done (interestingly, as far as I know, neither of them have ever been tattooed). The process itself was very painful (particularly the bottom of the tattoo, which is directly on the end of my spine and sent shocking pain down into my feet) and I didn't enjoy it at all. I have never 100% bought into that idea, but in 2003 I was still in the dramatic stages of new love, and it seemed the best way to symbolize that. I wanted to get something permanent on my body to attest to my commitment to peace in a time when war seemed to be coming in from all sides, and the image of Picasso's Dove with Flowers stuck in my mind as the simplest and most beautiful way to symbolize that commitment. Somehow it is easier and more intuitive than following calories on Fitday, even though it's based on the same stuff. They aren't the world's best dog toys, as they have plastic bead pouches inside, so the pets have to be supervised when playing with them in case of disembowelment, but to watch the perplexed look on their faces when the birdies sing is worth it. Even when the story line centers on her mobility (as it does in episode 1.11, "Jewel's Boot Is Made For Walking"), it is Jewel's character, her stubbornness, independence, and fearlessness, that makes the story work.
Both the first and second seasons of the show end with Jewel dancing, insistent at the end of the first season that the camp's doctor, who has just fitted her with a brace that helps her walk without dragging her leg so much, come and dance with her. The premise is simple--Vern goes into the home of "deserving" regular folks and redesigns two rooms--one that they know is going to be done, one that they don't.
It's irritating because then you only have one good hand to dig through things with, and it's scary because you never know what infectious diseases could be lurking in the bins. I plan to keep getting tattoos at regular (or irregular) intervals, keep putting up those mile markers, if for no other reason than to create a living map through my life. However, getting this tattoo was also my first experience with the erotic aspect of tattoo pain, which wasn't something I have ever forgotten. In 2005, I had given up on my plans to be a public servant or non profit martyr professionally, and I wanted to prove to myself that I was still committed to the world around me, even if I was no longer willing to spend my life in (under)paid professional work towards that commitment. I wanted to be a bit more careful than I had been before, since this tattoo was going to be so noticeable on my arm.

Because the color has remained vibrant and the lines look very much like pen or brush strokes, people often don't believe it isn't drawn on but is permanent. In the meantime, I can use the ones I have to trace the path I've come, and I don't regret a thing. I loved this wine, in part I think because it's exactly the type of wine I really dig, but also because it's an easily drinkable, economical choice. This style is very flattering, they come in tall so they are long enough, they are super lightweight but not transparent, and the colors are fantastic.
When Al asks Jewel why she has been visiting the doctor, she replies smartly, "I'm knocked up." In her delivery of the line, you see Geri Jewell the comedian, but you also see her Deadwood character's insistence that her prickly employer see her not as "The Gimp", but as a woman (and the only woman he spends any time around who is not a prostitute). Given that they can look so real and vivid, it is really amazing how many women are going for them. Mark came with me when I got it, as did our friend and housemate Erica (whose had I had just held as she got her first tattoo at the same shop some months earlier). On someone's recommendation, I went in to Atomic Tattoo & Piercing on Burnet in Austin to talk to someone there about doing it, and I chanced upon Jason Masarik.
I will likely go back to Costco and buy a few bottles of this to store up, since I think it was produced in a fairly limited capacity.
We had it with some appetizers (hummus, veggies, and pita chips), on a hot evening, and it was lovely.
They were also on sale for I think $7.50 each when I bought mine, so I got one each in hyper blue, French violet, bright guava, and brown earth. After that, I'll have to decide if it's worth paying for more months, or if I should try to lose the rest on my own. The most recent episode I saw featured a family who had fostered 62 children, some of them very high needs, and adopted 6 of them (all of whom had to have been under 12). Clearly these are no longer collector's items, I said to myself, but couldn't you have donated them to a homeless shelter or something? Not just the simple teens but also women who are considered wise and smart, though they may just have it done in a place where it will be seen only if they want it to be seen.
The shop itself made me very uncomfortable, with it's walls of pin-up clip-art style tattoo designs and (then) all-male staff, and it definitely made me realize that Medusa is an "upscale" tattoo parlor, but Jason himself made me instantly comfortable.
Vern's makeovers focus on what the families actually need and how they actually use their space (and he uses tons of photographs, which I think is great), which is fantastic.
Of course, there are those who like to flaunt them for all the world to gawk at all the time.
It is a fact that some of the locations chosen are not at all pleasant.Spider tattoo designs create such a beautiful look when perfectly done like the one worn below. I may not dig his style of artwork (based as it is on monsters and large-breasted women), but I recognized him as an artist, and that put me at ease. The web, the flower and the spider creates a unique blend of themes and features that combine so well to produce such a beautiful look. The complexion of the wearer is also enhancing the overall look of the tattoo.The black widow is one of those cool spider tattoo designs like in the one below.
The place the spider tattoo design is worn can be scaring especially for those who fear spiders given it’s just worn on the neck.
Having the spider tattoo on always can give the wearer a meaning that you’ve conquered the fear and can conquer any other fear that comes your way. This adds to the beauty of the design itself from a purely artistic point of view but also make it look very life like. Surely people getting them done in this manner, must be getting many warning shouted at them to slap away the spider from their body. The tattoo is designed with high level of precision bringing out real life features on the tattoo. The black colour used on the design and the body complexion of the wearer blends quite well.A black 3D spider tattoo design looks quite creepy and inspiring. There are some examples given here.The spider tattoo design below just looks cool and elegant.
The colour combination used has clearly highlighted every feature of the spider tattoo making it look quite alive and spectacular The place the tattoo is worn makes the tattoo visually appealing too.Spider tattoos have prominently featured in the traditional tribal tattoos and many communities have spiders feature in their mythological stories. A good tattoo design should not only be visually appealing but should also clearly bring out the qualities of the specific design. Add mysterious lettering to this design and you have a winner.The spider tattoo design below can be scaring especially looking at the legs having a good grip of the skin. Spiders can travel for quite long distances and are very keen when they want to catch their prey. It is assumed that it is for the shocked reactions that people have on looking at such tattoos. The spider tattoo is well designed with the web on one side of the toe and spider on the other side of the toe.
The spider tattoo below shows a spider stretching itself away from its web and it looks fabulous.With the wide varieties of spiders and the fascinating art that nature itself has created on them, spiders are great tattoo design subjects.
You need to know that getting a tattoo in any part of your body means a long term commitment. The spider tattoo below can be a sign of defence for the wearer given the place it’s worn.
You can be sure that for any part of the body you get it done and not matter what size you pick, you will find a huge number of choices.Though spiders can bite, some of them are not that dangerous. The spider tattoo design is quite artistic with the spider web tattoo design covering the entire part of the scalp as the spider rests in the middle trapped inside the web.
The design can be perceived to symbolise different things as deemed fit by the wearer.Spider tattoos are also perceived to symbolize a life in prison especially when worn with the web where it can mean long time as a convict trapped in the prison web.
The tattoo below is quite artistically done with keen attention given to the spiders features.
The upper arm where the tattoo is worn as well makes it more appealing.Spider tattoos are commonly worn on the open body features like the neck, arm, legs, hands on the back and in some instances on the thighs and lower abdomen. Wearing the tattoo on some hidden body areas like the breasts and lower abdomen may seem frightening especially if the spider tattoo is designed to look like its alive. The design below is quite innovatively crafted revealing the many styles one can use for the spider tattoo.Beautiful and complex is the ideal description for the spider tattoo design below.
The red colour used in designing the web looks quite appealing with the spider trapped in the web.
The colour used on the design blends quite well with the body complexion and the place its worn is big enough making the whole tattoo design quite appealing.The mythological deities were also associated with spiders. In Egypt it symbolises the weaver goddess, in Africa it was perceived to tutor humans how to weave, the greek goddess is said to turn to a spider after she bested the jealous Athena in weaving skills. The spider tattoo below is quite a demonstration of the weaving skills with the colours beautifully combined to create such a harmonious blend.Spider tattoos can be designed in different sizes and styles depending on what appeals to one. The tattoos symbolise different things and have different meanings which differ from one person to another.
The spider tattoo below is quite versatile with artistic design work and a cool colour combination making the whole design quite eye-catching.

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