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Tattoo You includes an incredible amount of artwork - over two hundred and fifty unique pieces – but only sixteen of them come bundled with the free app. Other than that, I wholeheartedly recommend Tattoo You for its recreational and entertainment value. Il mondo dei tatuaggi attira sempre piu persone, il connubio con la tecnologia ci aiuta a semplificare le nostre scelte. 2) Tattoo camera editor, anche questa applicazione e totalmente gratuita anche se rispetto alla precedente ha un peso maggiore, di 37 Mb.
5) Tatuafoto 2.0, utilizzate questa App per applicare tatuaggi virtuali sulle foto preferite.
App e siti gratis iPhone e smartphone Android: dimmi come sei e ti diro quella che fa per te! Un giovane le chiede di toccare la sua fronte con un dito: quello che accade è incredibile!
Fire up the app, snap a picture of yourself or load one from the Camera roll and you’re good to go.
The app might not be a powerful photo editing tool, but it will allow you to play with colors and transparency a bit. When you’re done, you can save the photo to your albums or share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

Even beginning users will immediately know how to use the app (and when it comes to an iPad, I’m the very definition of n00b, since I just purchase one - see the video of me unboxing it). Because even though Tattoo You doesn’t advertise itself as a photo editing software, some features should nevertheless be included. You start by adding one card to the stack and the second you add another one, the previous one is faced down.
Perhaps I could double-tap on an artwork and the artwork gets popped to the front of the stack. The TattooNOW peeps are also developing apps for others, particularly tattoo studios, artists, conventions and suppliers. Demand has been great, and I'm not sure if there are spots left, so hit them up at  (413) 585-9134 or shoot them an email. Per favore aggiorna il tuo browser o attiva Google Chrome Frame per far diventare più potente il tuo browser.
Sono inoltre disponibili diversi stili e modelli: draghi, farfalle, gufi, tigri e tanto altro ancora.
Anche in questo caso il modus operandi e lo stesso: si sceglie la fotografia e ci si applica il tatuaggio, per poi avere la possibilita di una condivisione sui vari Social Network. Oltre ad avere una ricca raccolta di disegni, c’e anche una pagina che ci aiuta a scoprire il significato dei tatuaggi.

There’s a bunch of freely available life-like artwork that you can super impose onto any part of your photo. Choose to edit the tattoo right on your photo and you can adjust the colors (basically it plays with Hue and Saturation values of the artwork) or make it more or less transparent.
One of my main concerns is that once you add a second tattoo to the photo, the previous tattoo becomes un-selectable.
Tattoo Pro dona al cliente anche la possibilita di applicare filtri ed effetti alla fotografia. You can only play with one artwork at a time and once you think you’re done, and add another one, the only way to access the previous one is by deleting the most recently added one.
Abbiamo selezionato quindi i siti e le App, Android e iOS, che possono dare una mano nella scelta. Tap and hold and the flip option will surface, that will let you flip the artwork horizontally.

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