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David first appears at the luau Nani works at as a fire performer, although he makes a mistake at the end and sets himself and the stage on fire.
In "Richter", David comes by the house to tell Nani that her boss has requested her to come to work, even though it is her day off.
In "Cannonball", he tries to cheer Lilo up by taking her and Nani to the pool at the Birds of Paradise Hotel, despite the pool being reserved only for hotel guests, though they were caught in the end by Mr. In "Yin-Yang", he teaches Lilo the meaning of Yin and Yang when she and Stitch have trouble working together. In "Splodyhead", David appears driving a motorboat alongside Nani, where they rescue Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Gantu and Experiment 625 from the Forbidden Island of Ni?ihau, which the group had been stranded on for hours. In "Fibber", he heard Nani was getting married to someone (it was actually Pleakley, but they were only trying to fake marry to get his mother to leave him alone about needing to find a woman but Nani backed out at the last second).
In "Amnesio", David appeared near the end of the episode, where he attended Lilo's birthday party. In "Morpholomew", David was shown working as a fire burner at a luau before being interrupted by Lao Shi who began fire breathing to make a heart shaped fireball to impress Mrs. In "Wishy-Washy", he appears when Lilo wanted to have a perfect family consisting of her, Nani, and David so it would look like she had a normal family.
David is only seen at the end of the film when Lilo takes a picture of her whole ?ohana (including all of Stitch's cousins from the series). Both Jason Scott Lee and Tia Carrere (the voice of Nani) were born and raised in Hawaii themselves.
The Dormouse is a character and a friend of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare in Disney's 1951 film, Alice in Wonderland. After the Cheshire Cat tells Alice to visit the Mad Hatter, Alice visits him during his unbirthday party. The Dormouse appears in cameos popping out of a teapot that is on a table surrounded by Alice in Wonderland characters.
The Dormouse is only mentioned in the first episode by the White Rabbit to have see a very alive Cyrus.

In the Alice in Wonderland dark ride, the Doormouse appears popping his head in and out of a teapot at the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland versions. In Mad Tea Party attraction, as you spin around in teacups, the Doormouse is shown in the middle of the ride popping his head out of a giant teapot. However, Pleakley keeps interfering by trying to woo David himself (while dressed as a girl) in an attempt to make Nani jealous. However, after two experiments get activated at the same time, Lilo and Stitch eventually team up and successfully capture both experiments, which they name Yin and Yang. He then ran to her house with a bouquet of flowers and begged Nani to take him back, only for her to look at him confused and him hiding the flowers behind his back in embarrassment. She wished David was smart so he could be more attractive to Nani but it had the opposite effect because it made him too smart. However, Will (the Knave Of Hearts) advises to Alice don't believe the statements of the narcoleptic mouse. He cares for Nani as more than a friend but is very patient with making the next move as he understands the stresses of finding and keeping a job and taking care of a family. He later appears at the beach after Lilo and Stitch interfere Nani's attempt to be a lifeguard.
David is later seen riding with Nani when Stitch runs away, due to his glitch, and mourning over Stitch's apparent death with the others. After they were rehabilitated, Yin and Yang were seen working together to build a whole new island, and David was impressed when Lilo learned the meaning of Yin and Yang. After the charade was cleared up, when Pleakley's brother asked if he could marry Nani, both Nani and David exclaimed, "NO!" and blushed while awkwardly but flirtingly looking at each other.
Then the March Hare says how rude it is to sit at a table without being invited and the Dormouse, sleepy-eyed, pops his head out of a yellow teapot and backs him up by saying "Very very very rude indeed". He is also one of the only four recurring human characters (the other three being Victoria, Cobra Bubbles, and later Mertle) aside from Lilo's family who is aware of the aliens and experiments. When Nani states her ?ohana is a little strange, he states that her and Lilo's ?ohana is the tightest ?ohana he has ever known and wished he had as close a family bond, implying he is estranged or doesn't have strong family bonds, or that he doesn't have a family.

He is also very calm, going along with whatever is happening and not losing his temper or freaking out and being peaceful, preferring talking and peacemaking rather than violence. When Lilo and Stitch go on a mission to rescue Jumba and the experiments, David is not seen again until the very end of the film. David then told Lilo that her family was perfect the way it was, and he wished he had a family as close as hers. He is not the smartest individual, but makes up for it with compassion and patience and can at times be wise, as shown when he teaches Lilo about Yin and Yang and working together with Stitch. She then wished David back to normal and he made up with Nani, who was more than happy to have him back the way he was. As he floats down to the table, the Mad Hatter puts his teapot under him and closes the lid.
When the Mad Hatter and March Hare ask Alice to explain her adventure, Alice says she was sitting by the riverbank with Dinah her cat. Then the Dormouse goes on a crazed frenzy saying "Cat cat cat cat cat!" Everyone helps to apply jam to his nose and he goes back to sleep.
Before the Queen of Hearts asks him to give her information in her loud tone of voice the King of Hearts and Card Soldiers warn her to speak quietly. When he is asked he sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat" which the Queen of Hearts states is very important information. When Alice says she sees the Cheshire Cat on the Queen of Hearts's crown he goes in his crazed frenzy yelling "Cat cat cat cat cat!" It is even harder to apply jam to his nose as the Queen of Hearts gets hit on the head and jam splatters in her face.

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