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August 27, 2013 by Tattoo Artist - Terry Ribera Stay Tuned for the update on this awesome trip. If you like Dragons and really big tattoos, here’s some progress on a tattoo done by Terry Ribera at Remington Tattoo in san Diego.
If you’d like to see more work from Terry Ribera and Remington Tattoo please follow the link below.
June 24, 2011 by Tattoo Artist - Terry Ribera Leave a Comment Art is going up on the walls! This really has been a dream come true for us—its sad leaving old co-workers who have become best friends and family, and its very scary when you take the leap into entrepreneurism, but there’s also a feeling of hope and excitement and freedom.
Lucy came into the tattoo and body piercing industry in 2002 when she married Tattoo artist Eric Martin.

After the untimely passing of her husband in 2008, Lucy has decided to live his dream and keep the shop open.
The best part of this tattoo is that Terry Ribera got a chance to put this tattoo on his long time friend Dan Pryor a fellow Tattoo Artist at Seven Seas in San Diego. Karma Tattoo is dedicated to continue with it's great reputation as one of the leading shops in San Diego, California. She put her career as a hairstylist on hold to help her husband run a successful tattoo shop and to form a family. With all the experience and knowledge that she gained through Eric, she has continued to run one of the most respectable tattoo shops in San Diego.
This tattoo has taken over 25 hours to make and will probably take somewhere near to another 4 hours to complete and a follow up session to touch up some details.

We also have shirts, pins and posters, so please spread the word of San Diego’s best, littlest tattoo shop.
We’re looking to trade links, so if youre interested, send an email with a screen shot of our link on your website, and we’ll link you under friends (which helps your SEO too!

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