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Pirate ships have always been a theme in Old School tattoos, this version of New School Tattoo style merges the best of both worlds.
ALL PAGES ARE COPYRIGHT 2015 DOUG P'GOSH ALL ARTWORK & ILLUSTRATIONS MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT OF DOUG P'GOSH. That is a great way to see the coming of age of New School tattoo style, the renaissance movement of tattoos.

The imagery of the times when sailors tattooed their exploits at sea as a reminder of all their epic achievements is now depicted in New School Tattoo Style where shadowing gives depth and realism to the tattoo along with a wide palette of colors with plenty of options for hues and colors. The wealth of colors adds character, charm and grace to this amazing owl tattoo, the shadowing is also flawless integrating each color each hue on the skin.

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