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But the way that these people went into their universe and tried to work in their universe making no concession for traditional codes, like Japanese, traditional Americana… I really like the way Bugs had a classical influence on the new generation to go their way, to take up their style. Seeing what we have on television is like watching a horror film in real life, and however unsettling it is for us to watch, it is only a sample of how terrifying it must be there. Japan has influenced western tattooing for more than 100 years with its colorful woodblock prints which tell the stories of legend and folklore from centuries gone but not forgotten. The proceeds from the auction will ALL (100 percent) be  donated to the Red Cross fund for Japan. If people are now following the way it’s going in Europe now partly because of me, I’m just really proud of that. And through brilliant iconography and of course the ingeniously reduced, realistic, bold tattoos done by the Japanese masters. Therefore we are asking tattooers from around the globe to take part by donating a work of art for auction.

Like Bugs has been copied a lot, or Guy Aitchison has been copied, or Paul Booth and so on. Most of us go through life half asleep, concerned with vacation time and whether or not we can afford the newest and best of things. The painting will be open for viewing on this website, Along with information about each artist. Your work should be done in the standard flash format (11 x 14-ish, close enough is close enough for me). By clicking on the thumbnail of the painting you are interested in you will go automatically to the corresponding eBay page.
Reading a book, seeing it on the Internet… If I go for a walk I have to stop to look at art on a wall. Imagine these things being swept away from you and not knowing if your family members are alive.

I too have a lot of responsibilities, running a shop and tattooing all day, and a wife and two children takes all my energy; but this is a one time thing. I think when I started tattooing I really liked the work of guys like Guy Aitchison or Bugs or Paul Booth.
I can stay looking for five minutes to see what’s behind it, what the guy wanted to say, trying to imagine this guy.
A lot of artists came into tattooing because it was a moneymaker, but a lot of artists are interested in this art because it can be a way of art. After you have survived you try to pick up the pieces and with the help of others you start anew.

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