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The American-Indian tattoos are used to describe the various tattoo traditions, like Indians portraits, dreamcatchers, feathers and Indian weapons which are important to represents the culture. Some people said that they have Indian blood, but they do not even know from what tribe they are come from.
In the modern days, a lot of American-Indian tattoos are not even found in traditional culture of Indian until today. Since the expansion the West began, there are many cultures of Native American has lost, disappeared and changed.
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Some Indians have tattoo of their leader, some tribes only have tattoos on their warrior, and some tribes only had tattoos on their woman. So, it will be a little bit hard to communicate to the your tribe members if you’re using the other tribe tattoos. The tattoo styles and designs are also different each other which depends on their language. If you want to have an Indian tattoo to expose your origin culture, it is necessary that you to get information about your tribe. If you are lack of information about what tribe you are coming from, it will far better if you have the neutral Indian tattoo designs.

So, try to choose a tattoo that represent Indian culture that related to natures and animals.

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