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In old days, Japanese tattooists worked at their own houses and ran business quietly (without using the ads.).
After hearing this story, I remembered the master had tattoos on his arms to wrists but that I had never seen his bare feet. When incising thin lines, I use 2 or 3 of 7 needles, which are the closest to the hands, by adjusting the angle of the needles with the skin.
For bokashibori (shading), sets of 12 and 13 needles are prepared, and each set is made in the shape of a fan and soldered. The number of Japanese tattooists who do sujibori (outlining by hand) andbokashibori (shading by hand) hand is declining today.
Tattooists who have not been apprenticed and trained by tattoo masters do not know the reasons or meanings of the traditional designs. When not Travelling, I am mainly in Miyazaki but am also available for some appointments in Tokyo on Request. Every customer came to the master by appointment and got hitoppori. Hitoppori in Japanese means to get tattooed for 2 hours each day. Normally when tattooing the outline, I touch the skin with only the middle of the group of needles. But the professional tattooists can tattoo whatever they want, using only one set of needles for outlining.
It should be done by puncturing the skin with the needles gently, adjusting the strength of hands.
The set of 12 needles is put under the set of 13 needles and staggered by pulling the set of 12 needles back a little bit. However, when I was a pupil, I would make tattooing needles by using the thinnest sewing needles. Young tattooists tend to avoid a long term apprenticeship studying under an accomplished tattoo master. Actually, we can see the carp climbing up the waterfall from the late September to October in Japan.
I assume that some other tattooists asked them to pretend to be customers and to steal my tools, in order to know how I made the tattooing needles.
On a side note, many people asked me to buy some of the designs that are displayed on this site.
In the middle of the night, I picked up the needles from the master’s tool box, sat cross-legged and practiced tattooing on my thigh without the ink, remembering how my master performed.I continued to practice tattooing without using the ink. When I do bokashibori , I insert the ink into the skin at an angle which corresponds to the angle made by the two sets of needles.

My master would say to me, “You shouldn’t be satisfied with your work as a tattoo artist forever. Although I understood that they had eager feelings to learn professional tattooing, I was so angry with the attitudes. Its is not always possible, but you are welcome to submit your questions as I do have some originals and some scans available. After 5-year training, the pupils worked independently, and gave the masters money that he earned for one year.
I used to keep sitting straight for 2 hours and just watching my master’s hands to learn his tattooing skills. So I called her ane-san during the apprenticeship.) One day while I was splitting wood in the back yard, I got hotter and hotter.
It is a good chance for tattooists to show their skills, that is, to show how well they can tattoo Kuniyoshi’s pictures. I have to adjust the strength of the stroke by using both 12-set needles and 13-set needles. The one-year service was called oreiboko in Japanese, the service to express the gratitude towards the masters.
If the pupils completed 2-year chores, the master allowed us to learn how to tattoo little by little. The edge of the stick was sharpened, and 6-7 needles were put in order and tied up by silk thread. I was in a sweat, and took off my shirt and trousers. Ane-sancame and asked me to take a rest.
He also told me that a tattooist needs to learn by tattooing his own body to become a professional tattooist.
The middle of the needles is set as the top of the fan, pulling the rest of them down.The needles should be arranged like the following figure and soldered up. The professional tattooists tattoo the designs on the skin smoothly, from up to down, down to up, right to left, left to right.
The masters usually told new pupils about this system, 5-year-training and 1-year service, when they began the apprenticeship.
During this term, my master let me draw rough sketches (designs) of tattoos, by modeling upon master’s work every night after my daily job. When I need more ink after tattooing from left to right, for example, I do kaeshibari, flipping the needles. Kaeshibari is one of techniques, which is flipping the other side of the needles and tattooing by using the rest of the ink on the other side. This same step is done continuously during sujibori (outlining).I keep the same speed (rhythm) to tattoo no matter what kind of designs or shapes, such as circles, squares and lines, are tattooed.

The lower 12-set needles has to be used carefully, like touching the needles on the skin gently. The untrained tattooists draw a snake and cherry blossoms, but this is a wrong way in tradition. I wanted to work as a tattooist soon, and practiced incising both my thighs with the bamboo stick every night after work. I did not know how to use the tattooing tools and how to adjust the angles. In order to keep practicing again and again, I didn’t use the ink when practicing tattooing. I draw the outlines step by step on each part of the body, such as the shoulders, the arms and the back, and finally finish the art work on the body. It’s very difficult to master how to use those tattoo needles, especially the lower set of needles. The ink for calligraphy, which is made of soot of resin, is not suitable for tattooing, because the color does not last long.
I am sad to think that the number of Japanese traditional tattooists who can do tebori is decreasing. When cherry trees begin to bloom in March in Japan, the snake still hibernates under the ground.
Sometimes I penetrated the skin very deeply with the needles, and the skin bled and swelled. However, tattooists who have no experience to learn from the tattoo masters are likely to make such mistakes. In other words, it does not make any sense if the snake and cherry blossoms are drawn together. Electric machines, color inks, my drawings (about 120 designs) for the back have all been stolen at various times. However, I found the master purposely hit me and forced me to do overwork for my mental training after I became a tattooist later on. If I had no work during the day, I would sit down on the left side of my master and watch his work from the distance.
I am so frustrated whenever I remember those incidents and think how much time I spent on the drawings.

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