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You can show your love for America and the nationalistic spirit with the Star-Spangled Banner on your body.
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Get something different than a typical flag tattoo, like this one honoring the American Airr Force.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The purpose of the Batok Festival was not only to celebrate the artistic achievements of Kalinga tattoo artists and the beautifully adorned men and women in attendance, but to also recognize that this ancient 1,000 year-old cultural practice is vanishing along with the gatekeepers of knowledge associated with it. The Batok Festival also served as a platform from which to spearhead another historical event in Kalinga – the start of a book project focusing on the unique art form of Kalinga tattoo. With the help of Manila-based photographer Ivan Sarenas, NedSickles a professional photographer and cameraman from the United States,and funding provided by the Daniele Agostino Derossi Foundation, our research team was able to photograph all of the tattooed elders in our midst for the forthcoming Voices of the Ancestors: The Living Tradition of Kalinga Tattoo book. The Last Kalinga tattooist Whang-Od stenciling a new tattoo design on Elaine Tima with her kisi in a dark back room at the Batok Festival. A kisi or tattooing tool consists of a piece of carabao (water buffalo) horn bent by fire resembling the letter “L.” It holds a single row of four or five razor-sharp thorns or needles in its head. Jaime Alos, one the last tattooed warriors  of the Dananao Kalinga, displaying traditional headhunting weapons: the spear and head-ax. After my departure from the Philippines, two Kalinga research teams under the supervision of project co-author Naty Sugguiyao visited more villages in regions that have not yet been visited. Kalinga tattooing is an important vehicle for expressing and reinforcing the psychological dimensions of life, health, warfare, religion, and death. Kalinga batok functions to communicate the shared values within the group and tells others what the ethos of the Kalinga is and what sensibilities were shaped by that cultural world.

From dresses, accessories to bikinis, the American flag inspires the fashion world enormously.
Fifty-two elders from remote highland communities and the Tabuk area visited the event, including the last Kalinga mambabatok or tattoo artist – the graceful 89-year-old Whang-Od. Diasen drafted an executive order encouraging theparticipation of the entire province to observe indigenous month with the Diddiga as its highlight. But let me also not forget to mention that our esteemed colleague and German friend Travelin’ Mick (Michael Laukien) is also contributing some of his superb Kalinga images to the project as well –making this a truly international and collaborative affair!
It will be fully referenced, indexed, and will include a glossary of Kalinga tattoo terminology.
This research is of an urgent nature since there are less than two-hundred Kalinga elders that retain their full-body tattoos, and of these less than thirty Kalinga warriors remain:each of which were marked for their exploits against Japanese forces during WWII. The figurative eagle designs on his sides originated from coins minted during the American Commonwealth period (1935-1946). They also revisited other areas to follow-up with some of the Festival attendees or interview elders who could not make the trip to Tabuk.
It is a cultural practice deeply rooted within  the memory of the Kalinga’s ancestral life and embodies personal, social, ecological, and metaphysical values through a wide array of visual tattoo symbolism.
As a system of knowledge transmission, batok works to assert and inscribe tribal affiliation, maturity, status, as well as Kalinga cultural pride and artistic ability. But because the cost of printing books of this size and quality is high, we continue to seek additional funding to pay for the printing. She along with California-based Elle Festin, Zel, and Gyroe of Tatak NgApat Na Alon (“Mark of the Four Waves Tribe”) demonstrated the ancient hand-tapping art of batok for all to experience. Voices of the Ancestors will be the first book to tell the story of Kalinga batok, the first book to shed light on an incredibly rich cultural tradition that has graced the bodies of the Kalinga since they arrived in this remote corner of the Philippines.

When taken together, however, his entire chest tattoo (bikking) represents in abstract form the outstretched wings of the predatorial eagle.
The research teams will cover the entire Kalinga region since there are regional variations, meanings,and stories associated with tattoo motifs and methods of tattoo application. For 89-year-old Whang-Od, the last Kalinga tattoo artist, she has transformed countless generations of Kalinga “boys” and “girls” into “men” and “women” through severely painful rites of passage with her orange thorn needle and wooden mallet.
The bald Eagle and the flag has always been favorite of patriotic American tattoo fanatics. If you too want to dedicate a tattoo to America, the following list will give you some great ideas. For example, the diversity of Kalinga tattoo meanings and designs is quite amazing since villages next to one another may have different names associated with particular tattoo motifs even though they appear to be the same designs. She has also created tattoos that are believed to induce fertility, and others that enabled warriors to defeat their enemies or protect individuals from unseen enemies or illnesses borne from marauding evil spirits. Lammawin, Jr.)  involved by inking his first tattoos – a traditional Kalinga designs on his wrists. But designs such as rice bundles, steps to rice terraces, fern designs, rattan fruits, python snake scales, and centipede motifs have one thing in common – they are all derived from nature.

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