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All of our images are optimized for most of fields of application that means they have a minimal number of knots and closed circuits.

Our products is especially prepared for different types of plotters – cutting, etching and milling ones. Getting this package, you receive a professional license product for commercial use (within the framework of the license agreement).
Prickly tattoos, ardent tattoos, vignettes tattoos, tribal tattoos, flaming tattoos, bicoloured tattoos, luminous tattoos, flickering tattoos.
They have a wide range of application, including vinyl cutting, laser etching, screen printing, desktop publishing, tattoo-design, web-design, flash-animation etc. Graphic design footage set of tribal tattoo designs in vector format that you can use for free.

These are multifunctional images which apart from the above-mentioned advantages do not contain crossed or osculating lines. Each tattoo graphic has the thorny shapes and patterns that are prevalent in tribal and eastern influenced art. Cool, awesome, aggressive tribal vector pack to create tattoos, t-shirt prints, flyers, posters, tribal vector shapes and ornamental graphics.

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