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The thumb stands alone as it makes it possible to grasp and manipulate things using our hands. Take a few seconds and observe the thumb on each hand and refer to Episode II if you need a reminder of the differences between reading your dominant and non-dominant hands.  Write down your thoughts about your thumb. Take a second to shake your hands like you’re trying to get water off them and then hold them up in front of your face, palms facing your eyes.
Finally notice if the pad of your thumb seems to be facing your face or is turned to the side. The longer the thumb (or any finger) the more time is spent in that energy on a regular basis. A large thumb is capable of doing big things and generally denotes an outgoing, assertive type of person. A small thumb usually denotes passivity, shyness and someone who may have challenges around completion of projects. A long thumb shows someone who takes their time in deliberating their options before taking action, and a short thumb shows someone who likes to jump into action rather quickly. Broad thumbs can indicate strong determination combined with general physical ability to pull things off. When you have a thumb that’s facing Jupiter you may be more likely to hold your cards a little tighter to your chest.
Chakras are generally defined as energy centers in the human body and they are frequently referred to in Eastern medicine traditions.  There are 7 centers starting from the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. The tip of the thumb denotes the Crown Chakra which is located at the very top of your head.
This is interesting information if you find that you’re struggling with any of these areas in your spiritual development, isn’t it? Until then, review your notes, ask questions in the comments or on my Facebook page and be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get updates and worksheets related to reading your own hands.
Mainly, I practice of keeping myself firmly planted in the present, but I can’t deny the value of looking back to gain insight about what lies ahead.

I tend to have a hair-trigger response when I think someone is not taking initiative.  I was raised to believe that taking control and making things happen rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting to be asked was RIGHT.
Given what I have prominent in my hands (strong thumbs, life purpose on both thumbs, a high set Jupiter) it’s not surprising that in my mind one is to be rewarded for setting a course and taking action. In Episode II you got the low-down on the primary lines in the hand and what they can mean to you. You can have a gentle bend in your elbows so your hands are a comfortable distance from your face.  Note how close or far your thumb is to the rest of the palm. The thicker the thumb the more energy you have for doing!  Just make sure you’re spending  your energy on tasks that move you toward your goal, or you may be spending a lot of energy and getting no-where! If it seems very small this person can be challenged with the everyday dealings of life – often feeling overwhelmed. A paddle-shaped or spatulate thumb indicates a person with exceedingly firm determination and a strong show of will. In the exercise above when you held your hand in front of your face,  I’m 98% certain that each finger pad was looking directly at you, right?  However your thumbs may have been facing you (out) or been facing the side of the Index (Jupiter) finger. Your thumbs help you get things done and you have no problem telling others how you did it, why you did it and even what tricks and tips you used to get it done!
You may wait to share your process, ideas or successes with other either in order to give yourself time to work through the process or to avoid giving too much away.
This area represents your ability to see the big picture of what’s happening in your world. They do a wonderful job of educating young and old on the history of not only the Civil War battles of Manassas (and the surrounding areas) but of the life and times of the people who lived here well before my time. I’m entertained by the recognition that what I loved most growing up in my New Jersey neighborhood is mirrored by how I choose to spend my time now, so many decades later. When I was 12 I took the Babysitter Certification course offered at the American Red Cross (my mom is an RN, she insisted) and used that certification to my advantage while marketing my services as a babysitter.
From a hand analysis perspective I see how the gifts and challenges of Thumb, Jupiter, Saturn and Apollo have helped shape my career and my life.

I believe that taking initiative is the sign of all good qualities and will lead to success. In Episode III, I revealed the meanings of your fingers and now you’re ready to grasp the details about your Thumb!
A thin thumb often indicates a depletion of energy or a tendency to feel nervous while a pinched thumb denotes someone with tact. Remember that some people honor this in you and others may feel like you’re hiding something.  Be aware of how this trait helps and hinders you in relationships and work situations alike! Not only did I crave the applause elicited from a production well done, but I created the opportunity to literally run the show – setting the vision of where we were going and delegating the work to make it happen! To be honest, I didn’t always love kids, but I loved the responsibility and the ability to earn spending money. No wonder I kept finding myself in a business setting, even when I thought I HATED the idea of going into business! When I was 16 I invested in a career as an Avon Representative, knocking on doors in and around my neighborhood and by the time I was 17 I was working part-time in a local construction supply business. That’s where I found my stride, I Loved being in an office, learning the ins and outs of supply and demand and doing whatever it took to ensure my little corner of the business ran smoothly. I'll be moving with my sweet hubby across the country this summer and I can't wait to share all of this with you. Feel free to send me a note and tell me your thoughts about life, happiness and palmistry!Pins for PalmNation Visit The Pragmatic Palmist: More Happy In the Palm of Your Hand's profile on Pinterest.

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