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Rook Piercing: This type of ear piercing is done inside the ear, on the first cartilage that is located inside the ear. Snug Piercing: The name might sound girly, but the piercing is definitely meant for both guys and girls. Pinna Piercing: This piercing is also known as helix piercing and it is located on the outermost rim of the ear.
There is not a lot of difference between different ear piercing types for guys and girls, the major difference is in the number of piercings and the jewelry used. The location of this body piercing is clear from its name itself, it is done through the earlobe. The space here is limited, so choose a thin gauge, ball closure rings, or curved barbells as jewelry for rook piercing.

It is located on the outer rim of the ear, to be exact, it is located on the side rim of the outer part of the ear. This piercing is done through the lower inner cartilage of the ear, a little above the earlobe. Girls tend to get many ear piercings done consecutively whereas guys get only a couple, at two different locations on the ear. Curved barbells is the best jewelry for snug piercing as this area is too small for any other type of jewelry. When two cartilages of the ear are connected or if the piercing starts and ends at the same cartilage, and is connected with a barbell, it is known as an industrial ear piercing. So if you want to make your ear piercing look different from that of girls, choose some cool ear piercing jewelry.

Though almost every part of the body is now pierced, ear piercing is the most popular and oldest form of piercing. Ear piercing is one of the piercings that is done almost in every religion, throughout the world.

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