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Victorian Gothic interior design isn’t just about black painted walls, gloomy candlesticks and overall creepy design. This period stretching roughly thirty years from 1830-1870 was heavily influenced by the romantic ideals from the medieval period which was featured in much of the novels and poetry of the time. The furniture is more than substantial and more often than naught made of oak with details of rosettes, tracery, trefoils and quatrefoils.
A recent reimergence of vampire lore into popular culture has once again linked this style with dark gothic imagery.
You can still find a great Gothic period style chair perfect for your hall or a table with the telltale Gothic turreted apron. As is true with all design, it is cyclical, taking from what was popular in the past as a path to the design of the present.

Thus the icons of the medieval period are very prevalent in not only the architecture but also the furniture. The reintroduction of medieval styles include the reprisal of Elizabethan chairs, chests and other ‘cottage furniture”. Because of the medieval church icons used within the style, it is a natural pairing for a fad that is centered on many symbols of Christianity, whether a cross or a chair with iconic Gothic turnings. Many small antique shops have a piece or two and they are, for the most part, reasonably priced. A stylish interior finished in a victorian gothic style may feature lush fabrics, ornate furnishings, and yes, sometimes a dark color palette like the purple and black combo seen here. This is the style you are most often seeing in the set decoration of many of the TV shows and movies that celebrate the vampire myth.

This is mainly because they were all made by machine and had little or no craftsman’s personal touch.
All you have to do is selecting beautiful lolita dresses and dressing up to enjoy the magic world. We have got various classic lolita dresses , gothic lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses for your reference.
These dresses are adopted with high quality fabrics and fine workmanship to make you sweet and graceful.

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