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I agree with the sentiment, but I really don’t know how I feel about this page lately. It’s a shame that a page that has the potential to reach a very large audience and spread a positive message about people with tattoos is wasting time posting crap like this. January 31, 2016 By Cathy Leave a Comment Tattoos, Piercing, Plugs, nose rings, tongue studs, you name it the day of the decorated human being is here now and most likely here to stay for awhile.
The problem is that with the increase of tattoos especially among the millennials, companies find that if they have tattoo restrictions it can limit their choice of qualified workers. Whatever you decide for your office to allow body adornments such as Plugs, Piercing and Paintings, the #1 Thing is to put your piercing and tattoo policy in the Employee Manual.

Finally, there has been a large number of terrible tattoo related memes which are usually full of grammatical errors.
Some of us have chosen to express ourselves not with vibrant shoes, or a colorful tie, but with body art.
These posts are at least a step in the right direction and do help to support the cause of the page. I really have no problem with this type of post, but I don’t think they do much to further the acceptance of tattoos in the workplace. At one time it was considered a rebellious, individualist and tribal expression of a person.

In another survey, the University of Tampa did a study in which 86% of the students surveys thought those with visible tattoos will have a hard time finding a job. Whatever the reason that those people chose how to decorate their body is their personal choice.
The better submissions contain information about the type of job the person holds as well as whether they are allowed to show their tattoos or not.

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