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Eager to prove that they are just as fun as Hook, Snow and Charming taught their grandson how to drive as Regina teaches Emma how to swim to enhance her magical abilities. By the way, we did a little math and have found out that we only have five episodes this season. At the start of the episode at the Enchanted Forest last year, some of us thought that it was going to be Robin Hood, only it wasn’t him, but Hook instead. When Smee gifted Hook with a woman, we initially thought that he would jump on the opportunity to go back to his old self and fool around with the woman. As Hook, Smee and Ariel go trudge, trudge, trudge, Ariel was seen wearing Prince Eric’s cape, which had the Ursula button in it. As they get to the Jolly Roger and the showdown between Hook and the Black Beard, he doesn’t have much of a beard. Contrary to the modern-day picture of the traditional tyrannical pirate, he commanded his vessels with the permission of their crews and there is no known account of his ever having harmed or murdered those he held captive. Their little scene where their shadows was shown on the sail while they were fighting in the ship was a nice homage to Steven Spielberg’s fascination with action shadows, especially the shadows on the sail in Hook (1991). I’m currently listening to the audiobook of Peter Pan and it mentions Hook being Blackbeard’s bo’sun. Moreover, the Black Beard said that the only thing he wants was to prove that he was no longer a pirate. Speaking of Snow’s baby, it seems a bit redundant to place a protection spell on their apartment.
After Emma asked Regina to teach her magic, Regina told her that she has to fully commit to it, even calling it a way of life. In the dock with Hook and Smee, it seems like there’s  still more story to where the Jolly Roger is, as Hook refused to tell as to where it could be, even to Smee. Moving along, as Snow and David walks along the beach is where the story started to feel to contrived and convenient just to get Ariel to be Zelena.
Back at Granny’s Diner when Hook was looking after Henry, it seems as if Hook teaching Henry that all that matters is winning, even if you have to cheat. The spell book that Regina showed Emma, however, was the same  spell book as Cora used and Regina almost destroyed in the second season.
The only thing I can really gather from all of this is that both the Jewish Kabbalah and the practice of alchemy are both deeply rooted in mysticism and transformation.
I think that Emma’s magic will prove strong enough to give Henry back his old memories.
Is Emma’s magic strong enough to bring Henry’s memory back even without making him drink a potion? Eager to prove that they weren’t boring grandparents, David decided to teach his grandson how to drive.
A lot of the CaptainSwan have probably rejoiced when Hook made quite a confession that he still believed in love. As Hook visits Regina and Emma back at their apartment, Hook told them about Ariel being safe together with Prince Eric. I think the only reason he didn’t just tell Regina and Emma when he got to the Snowing’s apt is because he’s conflicted.  He’s not going to blurt out what happened to everyone and their mother and place them in danger – he went to Snowing’s apt, not realizing Emma was there, to do the exact same thing he did in NL – tell Snowing and seek their advice.
Other guest stars include David De Lautour as Jonathan, Eric Lange as Prince Leopold, Eva Bourne as Princess Eva, Steve Elliott as drunk, Yvette Dudley-Neuman as mid-wife, Brian Knox McGugan as drunk Charlie’s friend, Raphael Alejandro as Roland, Michael P. Prince Leopold is probably not Zelena’s father but the character named Jonathan just might be. There’s a photo of Rumple and Zelena kissing, her legs are even around him, and her dress hiked up. There are also some photos of Young Cora kissing Leopold and being thrown out, which is really strange.
Rumple and Robin Hood are seen in the woods, Rumple asking for Regina’s heart, sees Roland and asks who he is. Adam Horrowitz, Edward Kitsis, Josh Dallas and Rebecca Mader will be at Wondercon on Saturday and going to preview Bleeding Through. Big congratulations to Ginny Goodwin and Josh Dallas for finally tying the knot last weekend! I know the bridge scene was CGI, but still I wonder if they filmed some of it up at the Capilano Suspension bridge, since they and the bridge are all in Vancouver.
The tradition of military tattoos can be traced back to the Civil War, with soldiers on both the Union and Confederate sides often getting tattoos to mark their loyalty to the cause.
The United States Army has recently revised its policy on tattoos and other body modifications.
Camouflage: Camouflage makes a great half or full sleeve tattoo, but due to regulations, you'll have to wait until you're out before you can have this extensive of a tattoo.
Tanks: Often used in the work of Army members, tanks are built to protect and roll over any surface.

Navy emblem: This design consists of an eagle clutching an anchor and a flag, surrounded by gold chain links.
Anchors: This tattoo design has been popular for ages with the Navy as well as other sailors and individuals who feel a kinship with the sea. Nautical Star: The nautical star, or compass rose, helps guide sailors home, and has long been a popular tattoo for naval enthusiasts. The Air Force tattoo policy, which you can download as a PDF file, prohibits tattoos that are obscene or offensive or that are visible when a service member is in uniform. Wings: Wings are the kind of tattoos most often associated with this branch of the service. Jets: Fighter jets are another popular theme with the Air Force, often depicted with flames incorporated into the design. The Marine tattoo policy does not allow tattoos on the head, hands, neck or any other part of the body that is visible when the Marine is in uniform, and sleeve tattoos are considered excessive. Crash, Fire and Rescue: Members of this unit of the Marines are extremely proud of their service, so this emblem is a very popular tattoo design.
USMC: Many Marines choose the classic Old English lettering of "USMC" as the basis for a tattoo. The Coast Guard updated its tattoo policy in late 2009 to allow for tattoos covering more than 25 percent of the body, but the service member's shirt collar must hide any neck tattoos. Gun boats: Gun boats are frequently associated with the Coast Guard, makes this a natural tattoo design choice for members. Cutters: Cutters are small sailing-style ships used by the coast guard, making them the ideal focus of a tattoo. Helicopters: A helicopter with the coast guard emblem on it can be a powerful tattoo of rescue. Life preservers: A life preserver can also be seen as a rescue style tattoo popular among Coasties.
While some tattoos are associated with one branch of the military, these designs can be worn with pride by anyone with a military background. Dog tags: This tattoo design is suitable for other branches of service, although the Army tends to be most closely associated with it.
Malta cross: This symbol is associated with the Sovereign Order of Malta, and is typically worn by medics and other military hospital personnel in all branches of service. While you may want to show your pride in your military service with a military tattoo, consider carefully before you get one if you are still in uniform. None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. During the lost year, Hook agreed to help Ariel find her prince by reclaiming the Jolly Roger against a formidable foe. He was romanticised after his death and became the inspiration for a number of pirate-themed works of fiction across a range of genres.
Is he still a pirate or is the Black Beard correct in saying that he’s no longer a pirate? Did he traded his ship for magic so he could go retrieve Emma in New York and make her remember who she is? Over the forum, one of the most popular theories is still that Hook gave it up to get back to Emma. The design comes from old Jewish Kabbalah teachings and is what’s called the Sephirot meaning the ten emanations and attributes of God with which he continually sustains the universe in existence. The symbols are not from Jewish Kabbalah but rather they are symbols which represent the alchemical process of transformation. Maybe it a simple representation of the transformation Emma is making into a powerful witch but all in all I think it’s there because it does look good in a book of spells.
Belle said the cloak will return to its rightful owner but the cloak went into the water, where did it go? New listener Jeremy thought Hook should’ve encouraged Ariel to jump in and find Eric. Once both of their feelings are mutually exclusive, the curse Zelena placed upon Hook’s lips probably would not work due to the strong love between him and Emma.
Hook could have tried to stab her with his Hook, Regina could have taken her heart the last episode, but everyone seemed taken aback when faced with the Wicked Witch.
As he left when the Charmings go to have a dinner, Hook walks along the street all by himself, almost as if he was yearning Emma. I’ve been playing around with the idea since I found out they were doing Oz, but this last episode really cemented the idea in my head.
Perhaps Zelena’s plan will backfire and Hook kissing Emma and taking away her powers will be the best thing to ever happen – if her powers get out of control or if she starts going dark or whatever. Should Hook follow the Wicked Witch and kiss Emma to remove her powers and everything that makes Emma special?

Regina’s original curse, we know thanks to OUATinWL, affected WL and Fictional London, meaning it moved across realms. RG was right, it seems to be limited only on the EF, whereas Regina’s affected other realms. Since the 1800's, each war has inspired its own tattoos, ranging from slogans against enemies to large American flags.
If you are currently in the service and are considering a tattoo, make sure to know and follow your military branch's regulations. Previously, any tattoo on the hands or neck would be disallowed, but now these tattoos have been permitted. No tattoos may be visible on the head or face, and they must be covered when the Navy uniform is worn. The next ring proclaims "United States Navy" on a blue background, and a rope makes up the outermost layer. Current Marines who have tattoos that violate these restrictions may be allowed to keep their tattoos; however, these tattoos may prevent the Marines from advancing professionally and prevent them from being able to re-enlist. The look varies, but the emblem resembles a Maltese cross and has the words individually inked on the west, north and east compass points of the shield. This policy allows one ring tattoo on each hand and permanent eyeliner tattoos for female service members. The center of the design is a badge-shaped flag, surrounded by a disc that says "United States Coast Guard". Some soldiers, especially those who are being deployed to hot spots, choose to have the information from their dog tags permanently inked.
Speaking of words that don’t go together, Regina told Snow that there are a number of spells involving baby parts. How will that change her relationship with Henry and the story going forward if and when Henry finds out that she was using magic? If Emma’s planning to take Henry back to New York once everything is done as if nothing happened, does that mean that she’s willing to leave her parents? Alchemy, is an influential philosophical tradition whose practitioners have claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers. Rebecca Mader, the actor that plays Zelena, however, continues to get better at playing the Wicked Witch.
Apparently, Emma and Regina together are powerful enough to use mirror magic even between worlds. I think Emma’s power will be involved in defeating Zelena but nothing as simple as Regina and Emma joining together to create a magic lightning bolt to kill her. Today, each branch of the military has its own rules and regulations about what sort of military tattoos, as well as content and placement for other tattoos worn by service members. No facial tattoos are permitted, but visible tattoos on other parts of the body are now allowed as long as they are tasteful and are not "extremist, indecent, sexist or racist".
This is basically symbolic of the fact that the Airborne Division is always ready for rapid deployment, and since that usually means being dropped into areas of active fighting, death is a constant companion. Technically you need to have the Navy's permission to use this emblem exactly as is, so service members typically opt to personalize the design. This way, there is an easy way to quickly identify themselves should their tags become lost. Once you have left active service, however, let your colors show proudly with any military style tattoo. Does this hint that Emma is more powerful than anyone else, probably more so than Regina or Zelena?
It probably only work on Emma since the whole him loving her but I think it was worth a try and she wouldn’t have seen it coming. She has been saying that she doesn’t dance with amateurs, but why can’t she defeat Emma?
Let us know your thoughts by sharing it to us below, sending us an email or joining us over the forum.
She also kinda reminds us of Kira Knightly’s character in Pirates of the Carribean when she talks about the rules. The symbols used in Regina’s book represent different phases in transformation: Abstraction, Putrefication, Digestion, Purification, Pulverise, Coagulation, Reverberation. Is she still feeling a bit jealous that someone else finally got their happy ending and she hasn’t?

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