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Eventually you’ll have a doctor with a tattoo of a cockroach on his neck and not think anything of it.
As for the piercings that is even worse I guess people think lets see how freaky I can look by sticking piercing in every part of my body. I have been fortunate enough to never have seen this man in person – thanks for sharing that gross site with us. I wonder if after he takes all those earrings out of his mouth and he takes a drink, does the water leak out?
When the aliens finally arrive, and trust me they will be some hostile pr**k*s, please have this guy be the first human they see. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Its one thing to have one tat, but when you have them all over your body that to me is just disgusting.
For me its sometimes hard to keep a straight face while I’m having a conversation with a person that has a ring in their lip, eye brow, or nose. A girl I know just recently got a tat, she is the type of person that you would have never expected to get one. Where it used to be only the “fringe” who got ink, or ear rings, now when a 14 year old girl has a tattoo and pierced lip, it kinda takes the mystique out of it.
I guess it made her cool, or maybe she was going through a mid life crisis, but I thought only men had them? Arts-stew is about having fun, just a mixture of everything and anything I can come up with, a stew if you will. I wonder if the bikers from the 70’s look at these little girls and think..”thanks, what do I have to do NOW to make my tough guy statement?

He says he doesn’t regret it, but I also notice he doesn’t go out of his way to show the ladies at church his ink. Unless it’s one of those my dad can beat up your dad things….well my dad’s a lizard, so there. My Grandfather had a tattoo on his forearm of a cross with a banner with the date 1929 on it.

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