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What follows is a collection of quotes from Steve Jobs the futurist, the entrepreneur, the master of innovation, the godfather of the digital revolution. If you’re looking for inspiration, contact me to find out how a coaching program could help. THATS SO TRUE ONCE YOU SAY IT THERES NO TAKING IT BACK,, ALL THE IM SORRIES IN THE WORLD WONT HELP CAUSE AT ONE POINT YOU MUST HAVE FELT THAT WAY,, IM JUST SAYIN THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK WORDS ARE POWERFUL AND CAN HURT WORSE THEN BEING PHYSICALLY HIT!!!SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF HOW YOU SAY THINGS!!!
We should always act as if you were holding a baby in your arms and how a baby since when your upset. Always speak the truth and you will never have that time to regret of the word you had spoken earlier. A bullet fired from gun, and words fired from mouth both are irreversible, hence use wisely.

You can say you’re sorry, but you cannot erase words once they are spoken, they are forever written on the other persons heart, even if she or he forgives you. We need to be careful what we say with our mouths to others, some people never forget or forgive and words can also destroy others mentally. We recommend you to start FREE Energy Scan Session with us to know how we conduct our sessions.
About usWisdom Quotes offers you quotes and stories about Life, Love, Happiness, Inspiration, Optimism , Friendship, Belief, Success etc. Not just with his visionary genius, his sheer passion for innovation or his dedication to ‘think differently’, but for his words of wisdom when it comes to living life to the full. He grabbed life with both hands and forged ahead to completely revolutionise the way the world uses technology.

Do you need online counselling or soothing distant energy healing session? Wisdom Healing Center will support & help you to get healed from any life issues, problems, challenges and diseases. His life CV includes founding world famous animation company Pixar, bringing computer giant Apple back to life after having been fired back in 1985 and fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer, a battle that after 9 years, he sadly lost last year.

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