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The best advice my mother gave me was to not cancel plans with one friend when something more interesting came along.
When criticism comes, consider the source, because rude people don’t say nice things.
My Mom, Norma Boeckler, showed me what love looked like when she willingly took care of my Dad throughout his chronic illness. My mom, Linda, taught me how to sing to Jesus at night when I was scared in the dark and afraid to go to sleep. I lost my Mother when I was 3 years old but I think she would have wanted me to always be a good person & I hope I have done her proud!!!!

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At night when my mind would spin, she would firmly tell me, “Dee Dee, that’s enough thinking for tonight.
My mom, Teresa, instilled in me the value of punctuality and respecting the time of others. No matter what we have learned from our mothers, we have to decide what we teach our own children.
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It felt like we were all at a school function and everyone introduced their moms to the group. Perhaps, not the most profound piece of advice she’s ever given me, but the one that stuck.

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