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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos. Something uncommon about Yin and Yang is the one that can’t get by without the other as it is with life. Yin and Yang shows the bonds between male and female genders – so Yin and Yang is suitable both for men and women. It seems that it`s not possible for other Yin and Yang tattoo designing, but as we know human imagination have not any limits, because of that I`ll show you alternative wariants for Yin and Yang tattoos. One of the 2015s best tattoo designs Yin and Yang shows, symbolize the absolute equality between men and women and the Yin and Yang especially belongs those men and women who were in step with life.
The Yin and Yang also have such meaningful signs as Yin is associated with tender, humid, dilatory qualities and Yang associated with tough, fervent, rapidity and charge qualities. This entry was posted in Men Tattoos, Popular Tattoos, Tattoo & Meaning, Tattoo 2015, Tattoo Ideas, Tattoo Trends 2015, Temporary Tattoos, Unique Tattoos, Women Tattoos and tagged animal tattoo ideas, tattoo ideas behind ear, tattoo ideas on back by admin. For you do everything side by side, getting a tattoo inked together is lot more exciting and you should never miss out. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Matching Tattoos, Tramp Stamp Tattoos, Scripture Tattoos and Star Tattoos For Men . The heart to heart connection of true frienship well depicted with the matching hearts tattoo. We see the same,we speak the and we tattoo the same;dedicate this tattoo to your unbreakable friendship.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Inspiring animal art for inking and photo-realistic shading - a friendly, calm wolf's face, half in black, half in white. Amazing abstract black and white feather wings tattoo idea for men and women, it’s masculine and feminine the same time, ya’ll absolutely love this design on upper arms, shoulder or back.
Incredibly cool painting of two dragons (ash black and snow white) in harmony holding the glowing sphere of Yin Yang symbol in the center.
The killing dragon of Death in black and the healing Dragon of life in white, perfect for shaded tattoos for girls. Two birds in subtle black and white feathers, with big eyes, perfect illustration for tattoo or as paining for interior decoration, to bring balance between Night and Day. In vintage warm summer colors with dark and light shades, very feminine design for girls with dragonflies, heart shapes, plants, and butterly. Fearsome roaring tiger against the all mighty dragon in this traditional Chinese Yin and Yang art concept pencil drawing. Delicate and pretty drawing of a green peacock feather and white flower in the shape of Yin Yang, perfect as feminine tattoo idea inspiration for women. Great matching tattoo idea for yourself or with others you love, with perfectly balancing positive energy from the heat of the Sun during hot day and negative cooling energy from the Moon during cold night with stars. Breath taking, incredibly beautiful, almost whole body yin yang tattoo design depicting a tree of life in a gorgeous story telling artwork. Another charming and pretty pink flower idea with black and white Feng Shui circle in the middle representing the perfect harmony of matter and spirit in your inner feminine nature.
Beautiful classic black and white koi painting of two fishes swimming in opposite directions, signifying Matter and Spirit, perfect as large tattoo on the back of the body. The Tao of Pug awesome ink idea by artist Gemma Correll - for those of you looking for something different and unique on arms or shoulders, a point of conversation with friends. In cartoon style we have hot orange sun with cold white moon, in light blue sky morning glory and dark night with stars. Great black ink tree tattoo design for both men and women, in balancing day and night with Sun rising above and Moon falling below, in doodle artwork style.

Beautiful and black and white outline drawing of henna scroll pattern, lovely design for girls. Very cool black and white tattoo idea for soul mates or to remind you of best friendship and harmonious relationship between the two of you, in Oriental style. Positive and negative forces swirling within the whole in perfect balance of Hot an Cold, fire and water elements in this colorful art, good idea for your gang, bikers and people who love leather jackets. Love this heart and yin yang design, they go together really well with that floral pattern and thin black lines.
The symbol is a vital part of Chinese culture that represents male and female unity and balance. We have introduce the most popular tattoos in the world, and in my opinion this one, which we want present to you, is occupies one of the three places of honor for its absolute popularity – now please greet the yin and yang tattoo design. The yin symbolizes feminine purity, and the Yang expresses masculine power and wisdom, together` Yin and Yang symbolize the concord between men and women.
If you look attentive at Yin and Yang you will observe black point in white Yin tattoo and white point in black Yang part.
Use this tattoo trend and underline the love and harmony in their decisions between men and women. This cherry blossom tree separates two worlds, one is in hot Summer time, full of light and sun's heat, in bright yellow and warm orange colors with red burning Sun.
I love strong straight lines and shading combined with soft rounded curves of the Feng Shui circle, making it appear like superman sign with unlimited power and strength within, balancing the Passive and Active core. The burning red fire and the dark black reptile scale go really well with the symbol in the middle, reminds me of Mortal Combat series.
Unique Couple Tattoo Design Ideas You'll Love.10 Stunning Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas For Your Dream Home Patio Design40 Cute Baby Photos Ideas. Customary Yin Yang tattoos are the loop with two pieces fitting together like riddles pieces. I'm feeling a relaxed mood, at ease, very peaceful and tranquil by just contemplating this painting. The other is Winter, cold, with Northern lights, dark blue sky, mountains, pine trees and large Moon in starry night sky.
The Yin and Yang are usually done in black and white color however, it is not uncommon to see them in black and red as well. The two pieces are regularly dark and white with a littler loop of shades in contradicting pieces.
Similar minds think alike and your unique friendship would be even stronger with a tattoo art worn together. It has sunrise and sunset and looks likes fairy tale fantasy world painting tattooed on the upper back of the body.
The Yin is in white with a black dot in it and the Yang is done in Black with a white dot in the middle. All tattoos should be set on the grounds that a person getting it has an importance for it.
Visually both portions are shown to be equal size.This yin and yang symbol is such a classic symbol and tribal behind it is a beautiful touch. In any case nothing is completely inverse,in light of the fact that it has a little measure of other structure and some place inside.
If you look closely you can see that the tribal makes up a traditional dragon and that dragon is holding the yin-yang in its claws. A few individual decide to have complimenting colors like yellow and orange are a prevalent decision and work well with flares that are in encompassing in some cases. Though its a powerful symbol, the line work and symmetry isn’t as good as it could be. The electric blues on the left side of the body, and the fire reds on the right side are truly a site to see.

This is a very cool idea to split the yin side and yang side to two different sides of the body.
Its a very clever and unique idea that though both sides are different, it promotes symmetry and originality.
It makes me want to pick up each piece fro this girls back and slide them together to connect thing yin yang right in the center of the back. The Yin Yang is also known as the Tajitu which, means the Yin has a destructive outlook and the Yang is supposed to create.
The detail in both sides I breath taking and really creates a desire in you to stare and analyze this tattoo for hours.
This yin yang tattoo is made up of two images and is portrayed in the classic tribal tattoo style. The right side of the yin yang is a fierce dragon and the left side is a beautiful and artistic design. Not only is the darker side of the yin yang not completely filled in, but its filled elaborate details. The symbols around the tattoo are a great addition and the I in the middle of getting yin Yang is very unique.
You can go in for a tattoo with the Yin and Yang as part of the design to show a sense of balance and harmony within you and in all the elements around you. It means that even forces that are diametrically opposite can manage to coexist and work together. Each tattoo is a yin yang individually but also if you take a look, one of them is predominantly darker and the other one is mainly lighter. We get to witness the yin yang be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces on the back of this persons legs. The shading on the right leg looks filled in completely and it appears that no spaces were missed.
I’m not sure if this yin yang tattoo is separated onto two different people or just one person on each wrist.
I would assumer it would be on two different people because of the difference in sleeves and the slight color difference in the skin tone.
These qualities are balanced by the ones attributed to Yang that represent solidness, heat, dryness, speed and aggression. One needs all these qualities in the right proportion and available at the right time to be able to have a good and balanced life.16. The red background of the classic yin yang adds a slight pop of color to really make this little piece stand out.
The line work of this symbol that stands for good and evil looks super clean and almost flawless. When you are going for a Yin and Yang tattoo make sure that you do some research on what it means and represents before even looking at designs.
This way you will be able to enjoy the tattoo not only with your eyes but also with the mind and the heart. You can go for the Yin and Yang symbol by itself or get it done with something that is equally significant and meaningful to you. You can go in for the design that looks like the sun and moon with the red light and white light blazing out of it. The tattoo starts off as a full yin yang and every step breaks down the tattoo into smaller and smaller pieces. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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