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​Heavenstone's luxury vineyard ranch home is situated in a beautiful scenic area, located in Southern California. This is a world renowned area for its government, economy, culture, education, and entertainment center. Also known for a area that is great in fengshui. Obtaining a estate here is what every successful individual must have. But obtaining aestate built by Heavenstone would be a masterpieceiconic collection for the successful individual.

Los Angeles is known for its romantic city of Hollywood, excitement of Disneyland, beaches, ski resorts, etc... Heavenstone luxury vineyard ranch home will offer the owners a luxurious living atmosphere, along with a fabulous lifestyle. Modern design and technology fulfilling modern day living and needs. Advanced technology which combines work and leisure into one. When friends and family arrive as guests, and the estate owner is able to serve their personal wine from their Winery, it is a priceless and speechless affair. Heavenstone luxury vineyard ranch home will provide up to 4 different models for estate owners to choose from.From Traditional European design, or Modern Contemporary design. The estate will reflect theowners character and taste. All Heavenstone luxury vineyard ranch home's will comprise of 5.0 acres, of which 2.0 acres will be used for planting grapevines. Each estate will have a luxury 10,000/sq ft manor, (Includes Wine Cellar), swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and helipad. The Company will provide full service for all areas of development by industry professionals.