Fabulous Luxury Ranch Homes

HeavenStone Luxury Vineyard Ranch Estates are located in the beautiful wine country near the Los Angeles area, of Southern California. Los Angeles is a world renowned city known for its political, economical, cultural and educational influences. The entertainment possibilities areendless…beaches, wineries, mountains, Hollywood, major league sports, etc. . Southern California is also known as an area that is great in feng shui and for its great weather. Obtaining a luxury vineyard home in the wine country of Southern California is what any successful person like you desires most in life. Let HeavenStone help you to create your very own master piece by allowing us to custom build your luxury vineyard home in the beautiful wine country of Southern California.

Great Amenities

All Heavenstone luxury vineyard ranch home's will comprise of 5.0 acres, of which 2.0 acres will be used for planting grapevines. Each estate will have a luxury 10,000/sq ft manor, (Includes Wine Cellar), swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and helipad.

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Great Location

Los Angeles is known for its romantic city of Hollywood, excitement of Disneyland, beaches, ski resorts, etc... Heavenstone luxury vineyard ranch home will offer the owners a luxurious living atmosphere, along with a fabulous lifestyle.

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Great Service

The estate will offer security services, maintenance, winery management, wine making, bottling and labeling, transportation to and from the airport, vacation planning, sending and receiving mail parcels, and even purchasing items of their choice.

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Immigration Support

If you're planning to start a new life for yourself and your family in the United States, HeavenStone is here to help. We work directly with you and the local government to guide you through applying for a green card.

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