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Called New Zealand flax the sword like leaves are leathery and useful for flower decorations.
Lots of varieties including, Apricot Queen, Black Edge, Bronze, Bronze Baby, Co-ordination, Copper Beauty, Coppershine, Dark Delight, Duet, Emerald Isle, Emerald Pink, Evening Glow, Gold Sword, Jack Spratt, Jester, Maori Sunrise, Pink Panther, Pink Stripe, Platta€™s Black, Rainbow Maiden, Rubra, Sundance, Surfer Boy, Thumbelina, Tom Thumb, Tricolor, Yellow Wave. I’ve gathered some of the best spring cleaning tips out there (including some from GitG readers!) to help you get your home spic-and-span in no time. Turkeys will “shock gobble” at everything from a coyote howl or crow call to a horn honking! In the morning, sneak in under cover of darkness, and setup as close as you can to the “roost tree” without spooking the turkeys (75 to 150 yards if possible).

Once hens get bred and start going to sit on their nests in the morning use this to your advantage. Never wear or carry anything red, white, or blue when turkey hunting since these are the colors of a gobbler’s head. When carrying decoys or a turkey out of the woods, drape them with fluorescent orange for safety. If you are right handed, position yourself at about a 90 degree angle to an approaching turkey. You can use just hens, a hen with a jake, or we’ve also found a gobbler decoy (B-Mobile) to be very effective.

Gobblers will be out looking – this is when hunting mid-morning all the way through afternoon can pay off big.

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