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Our babysitter said that last night, Max enjoyed pretending he was driving while on the potty, so I've got his toy steering wheel in there. A few hours later, I get another email from his teacher: Max has been brought into the bathroom every two hours. Max kept insisting it's his birthday, and I'm trying to keep things calm so I gave him a birthday bag and he promptly placed it in the bathroom.
I've been diligently putting Max on and off the potty (well, except for one 45-minute nap—being home and doing nothing is exhausting).
Chicken, leaves me a note on Facebook: "Go, Max, go (literally)!" I love how friends everywhere are rooting for him.

She tells us that when the aide takes him to the bathroom and asks him if he needs to go or not, he's been accurate, which I've also found.
It's not her, of course, it's the tediousness of sitting at home for two days and thinking of poop and pee.
He keeps jumping up after a few seconds and saying "No"—as in, he doesn't have to go.
At school, where his teacher has been diligently trying to toilet train Max, he sometimes goes when he's lead to the bathroom, but he does not say when he needs to go. If I get sweatpants that are too large, they fall down when he walks (true story: once, we were in town and his pants fell to his knees as we crossed the street, which he thought was hysterical and made me wonder if he had a future as a flasher).

Neither Dave nor I are great with routines, but we're going to have to be diligent about regularly putting Max on the potty, accept the setbacks, keep celebrating the successes.
He wears underwear full time and has had days with only 1 accident.I put it off for a long, long time because I figured if I just wait long enough, he would be ready and it would be easy.
After being used to making one way for 6 or 8 years, it is a real paradigm shift to start using the toilet.

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