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My first trike was shiny and red and had those useful, solid rubber tyres, which meant I could ride over broken glass with impunity. Greenknight - my son had a blue three while trike like yours - it had a boot on the back - him and his friend had great fun on their - till they were found to be filling up the boot with rubbish and then putting it down the drains! Unless I dreamt this I had a three wheeler with 2 wheels at the front and 1 at the back and had a basket on the front, the only downside was I was a small boy with a pink three wheeler with white wheels.

I remember crying for a whole day when it's back wheels came off and my dad threw it out :-( That was when I graduated to a Raleigh Budgie with stabilisers. Mine didn't have a boot but my friend's did and we went around collecting all kinds of stuff.

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