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So some of the hottest toys for Christmas for boys of 3 years of age are those that capture one or both of those criteria.
So from cars, to animated Sesame Street characters to LEGO sets, to the hottest children’s movies of 2013, let’s have a look at the top 10 Christmas toys for 3 year old boys in 2013!
Mike has always wanted to be a Scarer, and he believes the Scare Program at Monster’s University is his ticket to achieving his goals. But of course, things are never that plain sailing, especially when you are friends with Sulley.
Boys love cars, and what better way to capture your child’s imagination than letting him become the owner of his own car that he can get in and drive? This toy is fantastic as it is designed for both kids that are still too small to be pushed along, as well as for kids that are big enough to move the car themselves.
For kids that are too small, there is a handle at the back of the car so mom or dad can push them along – vroom vroom. And for bigger kids, the car has a removable floor which then allows your kid to plant their feet on the floor and use their feet to move the car themselves. As well as a great way for them to develop their ability to remember things, singing is also an enjoyable activity that lifts the mood. Your kid will love singing along to these songs as if he is in class, and he will enjoy learning new songs that he never heard at school. The Melissa & Doug Car Carrier can pick up and carry the four colorful cars that it comes with.
LEGO is a fantastically entertaining toy for kids of all ages to grow up with and the LEGO Duplo kit is an excellent introduction. Connecting the various shaped blocks together to create objects and structures is a lot of fun and a great way to engage your child’s imagination and cognitive abilities.
It comes with 1 DUPLO figure, plus a building plate, a wagon base, a window, and a lots of basic bricks to let your kid build to his heart’s content.
If your kid has so much energy that it leaves you feeling exhaustive, the Fold & Go Trampoline is a must to help him burn that energy off and get some good exercise. What kid would not like having his own personal friend, especially on days where he may be feeling a little down, bored or lonely?
As the name suggests, Elmo is an animated toy that likes to give big hugs to his friends, and through that, great cheer to your child. This toy is so addictive that husbands have even jokes about their wives liking to receive Elmo’s big hugs.
The Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball kit is a great way for your kid to learn hand to eye co-ordination as well as getting a great workout in one of the nation’s top sports. Being height adjustable from 3 feet, to 4, 5, and 6 feet, it will provide many years of fun and exercise. And who knows, perhaps it’ll also turn out to be the first step in creating a future basketball star out of your boy! The KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table is a perfect toy to keep your child busy with its own model mountain village. This sturdy built table village train set enables your child to build his own customized rail track through the various elements of the village. It’s 120 pieces will enable your child to stretch his imagination and creativity as he builds and refines his village. There are 3 storage bins below the table surface enabling your child to safely store excess pieces away and avoid losing them. Part of the Switch and Go dinosaur set, the T-Rex is the tallest of the bunch clocking in at 16″ tall. Jagger can walk, launch the drill, drive and more as he operates in his natural dinosaur form or his transformed bulldozer form.

So there you have it, the Best Christmas Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys to capture your 3 year old’s imagination, exercise his creativity and get him some great exercise.
Holiday Baby Creeper ""I'm the Best Christmas Gift Ever!"" Size 0-3 Months Creeper features long sleeves and three snap buttons at the bottom for easy removal. My son’s attention span is a little longer now so we can read books with more than one sentence on a page.
There are lots of Play-doh kits out there, we have a few, but Luca always goes back to this Fun Factory.
The boys will play with their remote control cars they got for Christmas until the batteries wear out. My oldest son, Luca, turned three this year, so I thought I’d update my kid gift idea list to include three-year-old boys.
At three years old, kids develop the motor skills and imagination to build things with their legos instead of just stacking them.
I have not watched all preschool shows, and I have not seen every episode of the shows listed here (thank heavens!). Luca didn’t know what a monster was until I let him watch a couple of kid shows he was too young for (even though the show guidelines suggested otherwise). My other stumbling block is that my 3 year old has sophisticated taste when it comes to TV — and cheese, but that’s a topic for another day.
Justin, Squidgy, and Olive go on adventures all around the world at different points in time. Little Bear: I love that this show is set in a time before electronics and that they play games and sing songs from a time gone by.
We watch our kid shows primarily from our Amazon Prime and Netflix accounts that I stream from a Roku.
And so ensures a  very entertaining and funny story that children will love if they never got to see it in the cinema, and will love to see again if they did! There are animal, car, town, and house pads to choose from — the animal pad is boss around here. We have several of these, and I like the underwater set because it’s a little more challenging. Monkeys are always pushing people out of trees and lions are constantly biting fingers off around here. It’s sizable and has different moving pieces and interior spaces to keep it interesting.
Marcello races one under the couch, around the table, and all around while they chase it, trying to burn up some of that little boy energy! Luca is obsessed with Creatures of the Desert World — so much so that a couple of his favorite animals are missing from the book, little stinker. I let them have it in the house (maybe that’s crazy), and they ride on it together, solo, make trains by hooking things to it.
We play post office with it, he hides things there, and one day I hope to leave him little notes when he can read.
This mom loves Matchbox cars too, because they’re small and can easily fit in my purse to take out when they need a distraction. These are just some ideas to help moms and dads also looking to guard what their impressionable little ones are watching.
He doesn’t remember that the show was demonstrating that menacing shadows on walls can come from everyday objects. He won’t tolerate people in silly costumes dancing around or puppets talking to each other in funny voices. Creator Astley Baker Davies must be hysterical because this British show combines a bit of dry humor with over-over-the-top, snorting humor.

It’s usually informative and innocent, but some of the later seasons get a little weird. Rogers legacy in this adorable show that teaches kids things like how to use the potty and that grown ups come back. But just a heads up, there are just a couple episodes about being scared of the dark or a creepy noise.
There’s nice moral there, but Luca is only three and just remembers the mean things to say. I skip the show where Grandfather Bear tells a story about a goblin, the one where they tell ghost stories around a campfire, and the one about raccoon ghosts. You might have to help him the first couple times, but then it will keep his interest longer than the easier puzzles.
We have two of the Lightning McQueen cars, but sometimes they’re difficult to find online. I also like that the string that goes around the neck will break in two — safer for my 2 year old.
He wants to read one of these classics every night before bed, usually The Best Word Book Ever. The favorite, by far, around here is Go Dog Go! Oh my gosh, I’ve read this book so many times. There seems to be a general bias across the board from kids I know for the big cats — cheetahs, lions, and such. It kind of drives me crazy when they want to put the whole Spider-Man suit on and then want it off two seconds later, so this fits the bill.
Instead, he remembers the scary, monster-like shapes they showed forming on the wall beforehand. As an adult, I appreciate the super stylized art direction by creator Brandon James Scott, but Luca asks me regularly what Squidgy, the yellow sidekick is.
I won’t lie, I got sick of the play money floating around and then let them have about a fourth of it! At Luca’s last party, I told friends there was no need to bring a gift, so someone brought a card with a Matchbox car attached.
However, the smaller sets don’t have too many pieces to build, so you might consider a bigger set that can have smaller sets added. I often laugh at how long my not-all-that-creative husband will sit and sculpt things for the boys. He actually loves watching it, but won’t stop talking about the scary guys trying to eat Peter Rabbit. Also there are no commercials this way, and as a reader commented on another post, the commercials can be as bad (if not worse) as the shows we avoid!
I love how creative Luca is with it and preserving our life as he sees it at four years old.
I was bummed that they went this route because the earlier shows are factual and teach kids about animals. Luca, for example, knows the difference between humpback and orca whales and calls them accordingly because of the show!

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