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Explore farm life through sensory and pretend play while building language with our awesome farm small world!
Give your little ones a fine motor workout while learning about their favorite fuzzy farm animal with this easy Contact paper activity.
Here is a fun sensory and art activity to use when learning about pigs, our favorite farm animal. Our most popular farm-themed post, this tutorial explains how to make your own experience books, a simple tool that is excellent for speech and language stimulation for toddlers or other individuals with emerging language. By linking up, you are giving me permission to share your post including one photo in our weekly feature post and on social media channels. If you are linking up, please be sure to link back with the Discover and Explore button or a text link to help us get the word out and built our collection of resources to share with you!
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I have read so many content about the blogger lovers except this article iss actually a fastidious pieece of writing, keep it up. TinkerLab reader, Kristen, shared a question with me that I think will resonate with a lot of our readers.
Set up a clearly marked space for each child and sit between them to fairly distribute materials, help each child keep hands to themselves, and assist with special needs such as cutting play dough or squeezing glue bottles. When my older daughter was three, we wanted to try a printmaking project, but we were afraid her one-year-old sibling would be eager to pull apart. To make the highchair art activity work, find a simple sensory activity that will engage your child in the (contained) high chair. Rachelle Doorley is a mom and an arts educator with a passion for helping families and teachers set up meaningful creative projects for kids. We do just about everything using the side by side at the table or baby in the high chair methods – and I do think it is vital to try having them work together, as in your chalk example.
Due to this scaring many people avoided plastic surgery unless it was necessary as in war injury cases. June 9, 2015 By Angela Leave a Comment   Last updated December 10, 2015I’ve watched a lot of kids learn to walk, to run and to climb. May 26, 2015 By Angela Leave a Comment   Last updated November 16, 2015Toddlers are picky eaters by nature, and it can be oh so easy to rely on the rice cakes, puffs and other convenience foods that they seem drawn to. April 15, 2015 By Angela Leave a Comment   Last updated December 3, 2015Baby B came down with a fever a couple of nights ago. March 19, 2015 By Angela 1 Comment   Last updated November 16, 2015In honor of the changing season, I’d like to share these wonderful Spring songs for kids with you! March 6, 2015 By Angela Leave a Comment   Last updated November 24, 2015Finding a good day care that is right for your family can seem like a daunting process. If you buy something after clicking on one of the affiliate links on this site, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. As for what kind of scissors to introduce your child to, a pair of basic safety scissors are a great way to start, but if your child finds them difficult to use, these beginner scissors are super to start off with because they’re spring loaded, and the child manipulates them with their whole hand rather than with their fingers.
Styrofoam meat trays are another favourite for the hooligans to practice their scissor skills on. Cutting up paint swatches is a popular cutting activity here, and one that the hooligans ask for several time a week.

Older children who have mastered their cutting skills love using my scrapbook scissors to make scalloped and fancy cuts. Scissor skills are so important, and in my art class for three year olds, I find parents so reluctant to get kids started on this! We often cook up some spaghetti (add food colour and glitter for interest) and put on a tray for cutting and snipping. I think it’s important to note that the scissors should be good enough quality that they actually cut.
Share621 Pin383Shares 1.0KThese little packs of dot stickers and hole reinforcement stickers were under two dollars each in the Target office supply section yet have been our best recently purchased art material. I first brought the stickers out the other day at the bakery when a friend and I were trying to have a conversation while both of our toddlers competed for our attention. I gave both two year olds a piece of paper torn from a sketchbook as well as a couple sheets of stickers. She then wanted to do the same on my hand… (The things I will allow my kids to do in the name of a few minutes to chat with a friend! This sticker art project was engrossing for both toddlers and the finished result is fun and colorful.
Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for keeping your kids quietly occupied while you're at a restaurant or coffee shop? I have small Sesame Street books that my twin almost-three year-old boys have loved for a long time. That’s too funny, that was my exact experience yesterday, coffee with a friend I don’t see very often!
I like that idea of having a special toy or something that is only brought out for restaurant occasions or similar.
I kept hoping she would keep the pen on the stickers rather than my arm, but I probably shouldn’t have minded. Love the idea of using hole reinforcement stickers – must add those to my bag tomorrow!
I love saving the free address label stickers and movie offer stickers (only the appropriate ones of course) for my son to play with. You have to check out the added element of a mirror in the bottom of the tray- it really takes sensory exploration to the next level! I WILL BE SHARING YOUR POSTS ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND G+, so be sure you are following me so you don’t miss out!
Then all co-hosts will feature activities in a separate post on Fridays and share featured posts on the Discover and Explore Pinterest Board. In the example above, my older daughter drew with the pastels and mase complex paper patterns, while her toddler sister stuck paper scraps to the orange paper where I placed big dots of glue. Set up an intriguing  sensory experience nearby, over a large blanket or easy-to-clean floor.
In the photo above, both of my children like to draw with chalk, so we set up a chalkboard canvas on the ground next to our kitchen chalkboard and a shared basket of chalk on the floor. One of the benefits is that it can help older children develop empathy for younger siblings (and vice versa) as they work alongside one another. To give my three-year old free reign to explore without the distraction of her baby sister, I set little R up in a nearby high chair with some yogurt and a few drops of all-natural food coloring.

She's the author of the popular kids’ craft book and bestseller, TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors, and her articles and ideas on creativity and arts education have been featured in School Arts Magazine, Real Simple, and FamilyFun. One thing we love to do that is similar to the chalk idea is something my mom used to do: buy remnant rolls of newsprint from the local newspaper (huge paper rolls for a couple of dollars, usually!) and roll it out on the floor or table top, set out crayons and voila – mural making together!
A These are not necessarily badA  foods to be eating, but they sure don’t offer much variety! Reams of paper, puddlesA of glue, entire shakers of glitter… It can be mind boggling how fast they go! I write about parenting strategies and activity ideas that support creativity, confidence and connection. We have a box of scrap paper and get them to cut into a tub and eventually we make recycled paper with it. I have seen many people buy plastic scissors that look safer but take advanced skill to actually cut anything. Juniper was really into overlaying the white hole reinforcement stickers over the colorful dot stickers.
I’ll have to stick some stickers in my bag, lately the crayons have not been very interesting in time of need.
I use the round sticker labels as time killers too:) My seven year old paints them with water colors in big blocks of color and sticks them on everything. With my first grade class, I would read the book then give each child 10 round black stickers. Being and artist myself, I found your blog a great starting point, and reminder for ideas to do with my girls. If you aren’t already, please remember to follow us so you’re sure not to miss those feature posts. I’ve held my breath as toddlers teetered and kids momentarily lost their balanceA at the top of the play structure.
It causes frustration, and improper use of them and that can be more dangerous that buying a quality pair of child size scissors to begin with. This time I was prepared, though, and we got to talk for a good hour (there may have been a few interruptions during that time) and our toddlers were perfectly happy with their simple art activity.
The hard part with the water colors, is to not let the labels get TOO wet or they will loose their stick.
It was plain (no glitter or color) because they would be eating and I didn’t want much to clean up while we were out. And don’t forget to stop by and visit my lovely co-hosts to see what they are sharing for this week’s theme! After several unsuccessful attempts at juice, water and cold cloths it dawned on me: water play!
I just wasn’t sure how to introduce them for him to use them properly and avoid too much frustration. I taught them how to scroll through the pictures (mostly ones of themselves), and that is now the foolproof way to entertain them when we’re waiting somewhere.

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