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First, we will tackle some cool school tools to help you and your students get organized, made from recycled materials and repurposing other products.
Wallpaper or craft paper is used to cover this old tool box, making it look brand new again. This is a creative school tool organization project that can work well for kids of all ages.
This is yet another fun craft project to take on with your students where their creativity can flow.
We are here to give you some great ideas for craft projects that can be done on a budget using recycled materials or repurposing.
Older children can express their creativity and style with this project just as well as a younger child can. Warm up your home with handmade ornaments, wreaths and more that you (and the kids!) can easily make out of reclaimed and natural materials like toilet paper rolls, pine cones, wine corks, scrap fabric and cranberries.Toilet Paper Roll Owl Ornaments(images via: con m de mujer)Are these owl ornaments cute or what?

Thanks for giving me yet another medium to UPcycle I couldnt tell they were made from tubes! A wonderful space saver and will also be able to work with students who need extra organization in their lockers. For a really cute craft idea using mint tins and other fun ideas, check out my next post about recycled artwork!
They’re actually just cardboard toilet paper rolls, painted in bright colors and decorated with black permanent markers.
All of the boxes are made from recycled cereal and food boxes; all of the pencil holders are made with toilet paper and paper towel rolls!
A great project for the beginning of the school year to ease into school work and to get to know each child’s style, likes, and capabilities. At home, students can also use these holders for multiple organization tasks, especially in the bathroom for Q-tips, tooth brushes, jewelry, hair ties, and more.

Dried sheet moss is placed inside a clear glass ornament globe along with any little decorations you like including feathers and paper butterflies. This can also give students the idea to make a supply organizer set for home too, a gift for their parent’s work desks, and more. This is a great project for kids to participate in, and the results will be lifelong keepsakes. Tori at Voyages of the Creative Variety applied bits of printed paper to round wooden ornaments with glue, and then painted and drew adorable animal faces on them. Using a disc of wood, a screw and some wire, the branches are cut into size and stacked into shape.

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