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We at Autism Teaching Materials provides tools and resources for parents seeking information about autism spectrum disorder also commonly referred as ASD.
In an effort to help parents with what can be an overwhelming challenge, Little Friends Center for Autism has created a set of tips for toilet training your child with autism. Create a picture schedule for your child by taking pictures of all the steps of your child’s toileting routine. Choose a word to indicate going to the bathroom that will be used in your family long term. Once the preparation is over, start the first day by dressing your child in their new underwear right away. If he goes to the bathroom and was dry praise him and give him a motivating reward such as a favorite snack, blow bubbles or give him a favorite toy.
As your child stays drier for longer periods, increase the time before taking him to the bathroom by 15 minutes. For bowel movement training, take your child to the bathroom at the times the baseline chart indicates they have a bowel movement. Bowel training is best started when a child has regular bowel movements and does not soil at night.
We provide products for ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy as well as books and manuals to assist parents in gaining more understanding about autism and their child.
Before toilet training your child, create a baseline chart documenting your child’s bowel and bladder frequency and accidents as well as their rate of fluid intake for 3-5 days. Start training when you have at least two days in a row that are fairly calm and routine and when you will be committed to toilet training your child all day.

Start by buying several pairs of underpants, let your child pick them out if he likes characters on them. If he goes to the bathroom but was wet or soiled, only praise him for going to the bathroom. Your goal will be to fade these times to more natural times such as first thing in the morning, before lunch, after lunch, after school, after dinner and before bed.
We strive to help you to gain a peace of mind in providing safe products for your children to assist in their therapies as well as guide books for parents seeking information to help your child to become an independent child. Training underpants are much thicker than regular underwear and work well with plastic pants over them. Children get confused when being asked about going to the bathroom when people use many different terms. Using the baseline chart as a guide, at the scheduled time, take your child to the bathroom and have him follow the picture routine. If he has trouble sitting for the 3 minutes, provide a toy, sing him a song, or give him a book. If he was dry but does not urinate or have a bowel movement, praise him for being dry only. This schedule should be reviewed with your child 2-3 times a day at a time when they do not need to use the bathroom.
Using a word that your child can use their entire life is preferable and prevents having to re-train a new word.
As you child goes through the toileting process, point to the picture schedule using minimal language.

When your child has an accident, you may want to have him take his dirty clothes to the laundry room.
If they are not uncomfortable when wet or soiled they may lose their motivation to be toilet trained. Once they begin to improve the review can be faded to one time per day and eventually faded completely. You should also have your child get dressed by himself with the least amount of assistance possible. Teach everyone who will be doing toileting with your child the same routine so your child has consistency. Rewards should be enough that they are reinforcing, but not so large that your child will become easily satiated with the reward. During training, use clothes that will be easy for your child to get on and off such as sweat pants, shorts, shorter skirts with elastic waists, etc. If using a potty seat, one that fits on the toilet works best as it can be difficult to transition from a potty chair to the toilet.

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