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I guess the most bizarre aspect to these notices is that they have been done by someone on a baby at one time or other. If you're going to post things from copy-righted books, you should, at the very least, give the title and author!! These pics are from a book called Safe Baby Handling Tips by David and Kelly Sopp (ISBN 0762424915). This reminds me of Don't do that flash cartoons, it is hillarious, but seems many pointed out that it is copied from a book, maybe should put some credit at least. Like said above, it's Dos, and Don'ts, Do's means "do is" or something else that makes no sense.
It's scary that there is enough people out there as new parents to actually have a book published covering these Do and Don't. PS: They forgot the issue of leaving your kids in a vehicle with close windows on a hot summer day. If there is any doubt that there are people in this world stupid enough to go with the don'ts, look no further than the people who didn't have enough of a sense of humor to laugh at the pictures. If you couldn't find the humor in these, then you're far less suitable to raise a child than the artists responsible for creating them.
And to the c*ck jockey who thought it would be nice if these people got sued for breach of copyright, you could only be american, and no doubt some white trash freak living in a trailer park blaming the rest of the world because your too f*cking lazy to get off your ass and get a job. For those of you who didnt find it funny and want to post harsh words and cannot lighten up, is it because you have a guilty mind???????? I found the pics hilarious and the commentary an interesting example of the tremendous range of homo sapiens out there. Of course, leaving the kid in the hot car does happen too often, so aim glad that one wasn't there. There was recently a case in New Zealand in which a bunch of people were jailed for hanging their friend's baby on the clothes line then spinning it around. C'est trop crampant, ?a fesait longtemps que j'avais pas p***? dans mes culottes en riant comme ?a. I think this is a good site, i enjoyed looking at it, i think it may actually teach people some stuff about babies and how to care for them. Seriously some of you need to step back and read what you are writing, Besides that though everyone has their own opinion, what makes it so hard for you to accept anyone elses, but get offended and lash out when someone doesn't accept yours?
Please save yourself a little dignity and don't speak on subjects of which you are totally ignorant of. Forgetting your sense of humour is not good, especially when it is lost to dour criticisms.
Charles: c'?tait dans un petit livre qui s'appelle Safe Baby Handling Tips par David and Kelly Sopp.
However, although I would never consider treating her this way, there are some of you that are really, really overreacting. I?m pregnant and I am really glad that I saw this before I had my baby otherwise it wouldn?t have last it?s first month.. Here in Australia we don't let the average yahoo own guns and leave them in drawers next to a box of a ammo because we understand that a bullet in the chest is not that good for your health. I was trying to avoid being suckered into joining the debate, but it is both funny and slightly addictive. Yes, the picutres displayed were funny, yet nothing compares to the lengthy responses and critisisms of each others' literacy competance. The true humour can be effected by reading each comment and appreciating the need for 'one upmanship' in the formation of the best paragraph or analysis of other''''''s diction. The reason the common bloke in Australia can't get a gun stems from the history of the place as a penal colony for felons that did not fit anywhere else.
The was the stupidest thing ever and I me EVER what cind of sick person would joke about that baby what kind of retarded person would'ent even know how to handel a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sad thing is that this is the extent to which Democrats and liberals feel the government needs to go to explain every possible situation to the public. I have lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Japan, PNG, Nigeria and Australia ? in each place I've found that being open to the opinions of others never prevented me from holding true to my own values and beliefs. After reading so many of the comments, it comes to my attention that people are fairly idiotic and fearful - these images made me laugh SO loud, and I loved their somewhat bizarre, subversive humor.
Don't really know quite how people got to arguing on this place of all places on the net, but so much conjecture has been made - Aussie Bob thinks that because the kid who broke into his house didn't have a gun, none of them do - well, there's something called a black market and the gun licensing we legislated here following the Port Arthur Massacre (still is the largest gun-massacre in the world by one individual) hasn't taken ALL our guns away, as is the misconception, so it's quite easy to get a pistol, shotgun, rifle or any other semi-automatic weapon if you know the right people. We love Baby Led Weaning – It works for us and it was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place!

One of the first things we bought to help with BLW were a few Messy Floor Mats from Poundland.
When doing BLW your baby doesn’t need a lot of food but a couple of pieces of each item is great!
We all know that babies learn how to do everything from copying the things we as parents do.
The best piece of advice I was ever given was that babies have a very pronounced gag reflex at first and they use it to reposition food in their mouths. If you’d like to read more posts about Baby Led Weaning then you can see the guest post series and more here. We started BLW this week and it was a bit of a nightmare at first – ended in baby sobbing and mummy and daddy falling out. Dr Chris Williams explains what you can do to give yourself the best chance of a good night's sleep.
With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. I did find the cartoons exceptionally well directed - they had the funny side which made me smile - yet they were deadly serious too and definately would awaken people to the sad fact that sometime even inadvertantly people dont give the kids the right treatment. From the comments it appears that the cartoons are already well published on the net and as such have become visible to millions as in this post too.
Now that this has been discussed at lenght - lets hope that kindness and the inate goodness of all concerned prevails without any acrimony.
Now if they can only publish a book that covers the topic of new couples without kids, yet. Your probably all Americans who bitch about their kids getting shot in school, yet have a loaded gun sitting in a f**king draw just in case someone tries to break in.
This person is so offended by the improper use of apostrophes, and yet he or she does not know enough to realize it's "know-nothing." If you don't have a PhD in English yourself, please refrain from telling others how it should be done. I can tell you've never been here, and the only understanding you probably have of America is from extreme leftist media. So many of my fellow correspondents have a severe humour deficit, combined with an insufficient sane reality checker.
I'm not even sure that the form don't's was used, but what the hell, so many people now do not understand or use apostrophes correctly.
How many pages were used here, and what percentage of this is tit of the total number of pages.
I'm about to become an aunty for the first time, this book would make the perfect present for my brother and his wife - especially as he is likely to do many of the don'ts! Our Constitution provides our ability to have as many weapons as we want, for whatever reason we want, unless, of course we are felons, foreigners or domestic criminals. Every one knows the average IQ in america is 99 ( this was statically proven by an american study). Sadly, some of this really does happen, but I'd rather have people laughing about it rather than out there doing it. I can't fathom how people could be offended by this, Im guessing it struck an all too personal note with them. I eat meat but I respect committed vegans, and I am always surprised when someone claims that they are right and the rest of us are not. I thought I’d put together a few tips for anyone considering doing Baby Led Weaning with their child. We keep one under the highchair and keep it super clean, if any food falls on this mat we know we can give it back to LM and it’s much easier to clean up after each meal. BLW is messy from the start – expect it to be messy, prepare for mess and embrace it.
Try to offer two or three different things at each meal to give your baby different textures and flavours to experience and learn from.
Try to eat at the same time as your baby so they see you with food in front of you, using cutlery and even chewing. Food is all about exploration and at first your baby will only be able to hold larger pieces of food, not the small things that make up a typical meal. If your baby gags, wait 10 seconds before helping as stepping in to help too early can stop the baby from dealing with the food by themselves.
Got a fab pic of Izz in her first week of weaning with a yoghurt all over her hands, face and hair.
I didn’t do any BLW with my first but I wish I had, I will be doing it with the twins. Take this short assessment, get a sleep score and get some practical tips and advice on what to do next.

So methinks that one has to be careful to inform the reader of the source of the content if one is not the author. And I bet half of the copyright cry babies have a computer running pirated software, and they download music, but its ok, cause they only download now and then. Don't generalize America--it's a vast, diverse country, so don't hate on us all for the attitudes of a few. Even if these decidedly silly 'bad' ways of handling a kid were for real, do you not have the ability to choose *not* to follow the instructions? I think it's because I have kids of my own and it's just great to see an imagination go this far.
You obviously agree with my comments about white trash, and yet you never even raised an eyebrow about my comments about kids being shot in school because parents had loaded guns in the house, so you agreed with it all, but still want to give your child the chance to shoot their school mates. And I don't have to worry that my child going to school might get shot because some idiot parent left their "protection" in the kitchen drawer. If I can create my own page full of nonsense, than someone else can do the same with whatever subject they want. History suggests that such claims are rarely substantiated over time ? prime examples are McCarthyism, Communism, Prohibition, Apartheid and the Flat Earth Society. Offer parts of your meals where appropriate – pieces of toast, pasta shapes, steamed vegetables. At times I’ve had to sit on my hands but with both children I have never had to wait more than 5 seconds for them to reposition the food and eat it or spit it out. At first the contents of the spoon goes everywhere but after a while the baby’s co-ordination improves and they love the challenge of feeding themselves with the spoon. Despite the mess think it will be easier for me to feed two this way and hopefully get them eating more, my eldest is a terrible fussy eater! You could print the images and bundle them to a little book that you could hold in your pocket just to be sure. There is recognition at the bottom saying who the original authors were for the plagerist group and it is a joke. ALL THE DONT'S IN THESE PHOTOS WOULD ONLY BE DONE BY SOMEONE WHO HAS ABSOLUTELY NOOO CLUE HOW TO RAISE KIDS! But I do disagree with the point you made about the break-in--a person shouldn't be allowed to protect themselves in the threat of a violent crime? It made me laugh so hard I started coughing and almost didn't make it to the bathroom to potty! It’s in the region of ?15 for the highchair and tray and is a baby led weaning dream. At other times after a few seconds they’ve been sick which was also their way of dealing with the food. I can only imagine we just got carried through with what others were doing around us at the time. The advice above is all really useful too (especially the bit about the gagging) – so thanks for the great post. IF THIS BOOK CANNOT BE TAKEN AS A JOKE THAN WHAT WORLD ARE WE RAISING OUR KIDS IN IF WE AS PARENTS DON'T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!
Even though I don't own a gun and never plan to get one, I'd sure as hell like to have one at that moment. I have always protected my family, and we had an intruder a few months ago and I didn't need a gun to protect my family from the 15 year old who was trying to steal my xbox. To me the point of baby led weaning is involving them in your meals from the off, and so that’s exactly what we did. Also, school shootings happen because mental health, especially in teenagers, is much ignored by American society.
But maybe I am wrong, maybe I should live in America, so I could have pulled out a gun and shot that kid. At least they are not using the cartoons to joke about telling ppl to do the wrong way of things. Yes, we need stricter gun control, but the mentality of the person pulling the trigger is the most important factor.
If your child winds up in harms way and there is a gun involved, you might look back on this harmless little post in the internet and remember "God, Aussie bob was right" or you might not even think about and say "why did I ever leave that gun in the kitchen drawer" Either way, you will still be one of those stupid people I talked about before..

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